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Fiver masters please read need help

I don’t now if is just silly me but EVERYTIME I got more than 2 orders things get messy af in my page. more than once happen to me that I sent the wrong delivery to the wrong buyer.
FIVERR SUPPORT PLEASE HEAR can you please please please color code the buyers or something because the platform looks exactly the same and sometimes the page bugs me and switch me the conversation or even the delivery time.
please please please color codes


I think perhaps this is your issue to fix. I generally have 20 orders in queue and that has never happened to me once.

Just before delivering, check the order details and the buyer requirements section of that order to check you’re delivering the right thing to that buyer.

You can also use the buyer’s user name as part of the filename in the delivered files if it helps.

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Here’s a few things that can help:

First, the list of open jobs is typically in chronological order. Use that to your advantage, and work on them based on what’s due next.

Second, organize your local drive on your computer! I have a Fiverr folder, with subfolders named for every client. Within a client folder are subfolders for each job I do for them. Keeping your material organized will probaly solve 90% of your problem.

Third, always make yourself do one last check of the requirements in the order against the file you’re about to upload. Don’t rush to hit “done” in your production software! Taking a couple of minutes to pull back from the immediate will catch errors on many occasions.

All of these are tips I’ve either been gifted from teachers/mentors or learned from hard experience. It’s fun being creative and getting paid for it, but critical to develop project management skills as your client base expands.

Best of success to you!