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Fiver My 2 gig Dined what is the solution and i cant change my password what happend

Hi Friends
I am touchtpl . Fiver my 2 gigs has Dined what happened anyone answer me and one more problem I Face in my Security section please help me

You mean two of your old gigs were denied?

If yes, you may have been involved in providing services that violates fiverr TOS.

At this point of time, all you need is to ask customer support asking them in a clear and polite way the reason of your gig denial. Besides, you may also be getting a reason for your gig denial in the gig section as well

My two gig Fiver Denied but why ?

4-months later you’re asking the same Q?

:bulb: No Idea! :pineapple:

@touchtpl Get in touch with Customer Support.