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Fiver new Ranking System

Hello sellers ,
I m just here to share my journey on fiverr.
So When I was started it was very good experience for me I get my first order within 2 days than its continue and I am growing on fiverr very speedly
I get Level 1 than now On Level 2
But I get a bad experience when there is an order of 1500$ (huge amount for me) that is completed sucessfully and after 2 months I get a email that Order cancel by mutual cancellation
its really shocking for me how this is possible I asked CS they give me reason fiver open dispute outside so in this way buyer take complete work and order was cancel as well
Now I have to refund all funds back
I return all amount by my new orders

After that I feel demotion in ranking of my highest ranked gig fiver took me lower lower slowly day by day and my business will going close
And now I am suffering from this ranking system that how it did with me I have 5 stars rating 100 response rate 95 order completation rate 100 on time rate
But fiverr now puttting my gigs in lower

Really very disappointed with this system of fiverr

How else are effecting with this system here???


Oh yeah the ranking system has definitely cut my earnings by 75%.


Yeah exacly
I dont know is fiverr not love there senior sellers and prmote the new people on top and out the Senior sellers in lower ranking
Now I am also stuck what to do with this !!!

Can you please send us a screenshot of fiverr CS reply here?

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Someone’s loss is someone’s profit!

I have fallen same problem but nothing else to do because we are seller

Seems a strange one to me.

This same thing happened with me many month ago, after i choose to leave and ignore fiverr rather than payback. I joined other platform and i’m more than happy because there is lower fee and etc.!!

As I seems most of the person have facing these issues
Fiver must have to take a look on it and improve there services