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Fiver Newbie here

Hi I’m new here… There are many videos promoting how easy it is to sign up with, create your first gig and collect your money and if you believe them and begin signing up with fiver, only then you would realize that it is not that simple… if you’re a newbie you are required to give your website and post pictures of current or previous projects. This can be easily done if your woks are tangible… How about if your project involves intangible things like ideas… tips…suggestions…

According to these videos about Fiverr you can create your gigs about anything under the sun… but now I realize that you cannot just do that! But it’s a challenge for me to package my first gig about giving tips, ideas on how to improve your business… I love challenges!! I thrive on challenges…


There are ways to prove strategy skills.

Fiverr has to have to have some way to measure quality, as do buyers. You must be able to prove your value. There are lots of ways to do that and you should want to. Without proof of value and practical application, no one would buy. That doesn’t just apply to Fiverr, but all business.