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Fiver order completion

Hi there, I have been working on fiverr since May. few days ago some one placed an order and after few revisions I could complete it. but the buyer says that he found another one to make his order and he keep asking me to cancel the order. what sould I do now. please help me guys ( I have been working more than 12 hours for this project)
Thank you.

It is for you to choose and most likely you would like any of this options:

  1. You can say that he is not eligible for a cancellation as per fiverr TOS and that you delivered everything as promised. But you’ll risk end up with a bad review but at least paid for your work.

  2. Or you can agree to cancel the order, in this case person wouldn’t be able to leave a review but it will affect your statistics and potentially your gig ranking.

Your call now. Choose whichever option you prefer and act accordingly


I am reaching to level 1 in this month. if I canceled the order my order completion will go down and I could n’t reach it. what should I do friend ?

As I already mentioned there are only 2 ways, choose whichever will hurt you less.
there are no other choices unfortunately.


I have sent a cancellation request :sleepy: