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Fiver orders have slowed

Is it just me or has anybody else seen a dip in their sales. Though my price per gig has gone up along with better earnings from lesser orders still Fiverr orders, inquiries and Buyer’s Requests have slowed down.

Just wanted to know if it is just in my niche or its a general trend?

@pculiar Not just you, something seems off lately. Feel free to post your thoughts here too

@peculiar Also another thread

We all need to come together to figure out what exactly is going on here

Same here :frowning:

Same with order, i mean that it was my foult :frowning:

Nice to know its just not me…

Reply to @pculiar: Agreed, I thought it was just me as well. There’s 3 threads though that have been posted just in the last few days with other’s experiencing the same issue. I’m going to message CS with my sales history and see if they say anything, if this keeps continuing. The only reason why I haven’t yet, is because i’m assuming they aren’t going to give any answers… maybe more people will come forward that have also been experiencing a significant drop in sales

I have to say I haven’t experienced this - not really anyways… In fact, I had two new orders yesterday, which were able to replace 3 orders (price-wise) I had to cancel because the buyer refused to pay the additional gigs I requested. Basically, he wanted 8,000+ words rewritten for just $15. Umm… no I don’t think so.

Glad to be rid of that buyer… hope he never orders again from me. :slight_smile:

PM me if your orders have slowed I’ll show you a free method to help fix that.

I have had nothing for 4 days now. I am quite new on here but since I joined I was getting at least 1 a day. End of March I had 4 in one night! I just don’t understand why. I just want some gigs to get my teeth stuck into I am bored not doing anything :frowning:

Is it because of the easter holidays?

@ratheeshr I don’t think so. Comparing my sales history, my orders started slightly declining since February. Each month they have been slightly declining more and more for some reason. Has anyone else compared their sales history?

@creativeman, my orders have decreased. Can you be of help?

I am experiencing similar problem. Thanks.

Boys and Girls, there is nothing wrong with fiverr’s search formula. The biggest problem is the increase in competition. Not counting that other Fiverrs are copying you and taking your customers away.

Also, is getting hammered by bad reviews in the quality of results one gets by hiring its members (I know there is plenty of honest people, who want to make money honestly), but there are also a growing number of scampers and people who want to make easy money anyway possible.

And this is making things difficult for the community.

Yah sales have gone down the past 2 weeks :s and its really upsetting me.

I have a few buyers who are still pending to rate the experience as well which is frustrating too because I can get a LEVEL 1 badge if they do.

Yes, normally I get some gigs over the weekend, but nothing. I still have 5 gigs to complete this week, but thought it was odd. I guess I’ll be contacting some buyers who sent me messages recently to see if they are going to place orders with me or not. Is it a summer slow down already?!