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I received a lot of emails from individuals with regard to inventions/inventing, and the inventing process. I don’t mind answering questions. however I feel as though I have phased my way out of people ordering my gig, because i’v answered their questions. Also can anyone tell me a free source of fiverr images I can use. I’ve used my own images, wikimedia commons & flicker. Fiverr rejects them all.

You’re probably correct, about losing sales due to giving free advice. But now you have ideas for some possible new gigs. If they don’t want to buy your book, and we already know they have questions they want answered, why not SELL the answers? You offer an eBook, which I’m guessing covers the invention/patenting process start to finish, as you experienced it. but why not break that down and sell PART of that process as a basic $5 gig, with the possibility of buying the eBook as a multi gig purchase (or gig extra when you level up)? So for $5, you can answer (1 or 2 or whatever) questions, or tell a buyer how to write up a patent request, or tell a buyer if they have a potentially saleable idea, or if their idea is already on the market (a research gig), etc. Do you see what I mean? And obviously, stop answering free questions. You could use your eBook chapters to help you figure out different gigs. Send a chapter for each gig!

If you own photos are being rejected, be sure you haven’t exceeded the file size or made it too small. I strongly urge you to do a forum search, as this question comes up frequently, and has been thoroughly answered many times.