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Fiver policies regarding website details sharing between client and seller

Hii i want some information about fiver policies regarding website details… fiver does not allow for share any personal information like contact detail between client and seller … if seller need contact detail for the website purpose (update info at contact page ) then this is legal or not according to fiver policies ??


This is a question you need to ask customer support.

Yes mam i ask but they sent me a link about fiver privacy policy which is same updated at privacy policy … i want to make sure about my issue … because i have an offer a website i have most required clients contact detail for update at website … but there is an alert about that you can’t share your personal information at fiver … i can’t understand what i do … and i am an new here

On the same ticket ask them for permission to share information so you can do websites. Make sure it’s on the same ticket not a new one.

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Ok Mam thanks a lot of you for this information. Thank u Mam

There are situations where the seller needs access outside of Fiverr, or personal information is communicated.

  1. Website development
  2. Facebook page administration
  3. Facebook ad management (as opposed to ad creation)
  4. Language lessons on Skype
  5. Resume rewrites or design

For some, the client can create a login name and password for you, so no personal information will be shared.

However, administering a Facebook page would require you to message your buyer from your Facebook account. “Hi, I’m the guy you hired on Fiverr to administer your Facebook page.”

That could compromise your privacy unless it’s a fake Facebook account, but I don’t recommend those since Facebook forbids them.

The important thing is to communicate on Fiverr as much as possible. A resume rewriter should never call his clients to ask questions.

If you’re unsure,

Just make sure it’s a very specific question. If they give you a generic response, use a follow up question.


Ok mam Thanks for this help … i will ask these questions …and let see what will be the response

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If this was your response to fastcopywriter, he’s not a ‘mam’. :slight_smile:

ok sorry for this but i got directions from misscrystal id from the starting and that’s why i had a mistake in revert any how so sorry for this mistake. and also thanks for the information to Mr. fastcopywriter and sorry for the mistake