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Fiver profile invisible

I’ll keep it brief i already tried to report a bug at support but it returns me an error.
Recently i made this new profile since i lost access to my old ones, and right away i posted a gig that was successful, but it got denied within a hour, the more mind boggling fact is that people actually sell that gig at lower delivery rates.
So i moved on deleted the old one, made a new one with updated pictures adjusted the prices etc… to match what’s already on the market. However when i search my service from anywhere other browser, other peoples fiver account i simply can’t see neither the gig nor my profile.
Am i banned or something can anyone give some constructive feedback or some explanation, thanks in advance.

Hi there.

You should have gotten an email about your account being suspended or something similar and not be able to log in if you were banned, if you didn’t, and can log in just fine, it’s probably the gig itself.

That others (still, for now) offer the same, isn’t relevant, there are a number of services that aren’t allowed (anymore) and which they slowly sift through, gigs that are new or are getting edited, go through a screening and thus will be denied sooner than old gigs which they didn’t stumble over yet.

If you specify what your gig offers, we might be able to tell you more, or you could do a forum search, e.g. review gigs, doing academic work for others, paid follower gigs, holding signs gigs are on the ‘denied’ list.

However, in case you have more than one active account - I presume so since you said you lost access to an account, so you won’t have closed it - that would be your more important issue to fix first because multiple accounts is a big enough ToS violation to get all current and future accounts banned.


Thank you for the fast reply and in depth reminder of ToS. I’m closing my account right away.