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Fiver putting me off as a new buyer - hassling me on weekend

Just got an email from Fiverr re an animation delivered on Friday saying I have 24hours to review it or it will be marked as complete. Guess what! Its the weekend and I am not working! I will review this animation on Monday with a colleague and not before! Get a life Fiverr! Work/Life balance matters.


When you place the order, the clock starts ticking, and the seller has to deliver before the deadline, even if it means working during the weekend (or they will get punished).

Once the order is delivered, the buyer has 3 days to review the order, or it will be automatically marked as completed.

It’s all in Fiverr’s Terms of Service (it’s useful to read them, it’s not some boring legal text, they explain how Fiverr works).


If you don’t want t receive notifications or review orders over the weekend, don’t place orders which are scheduled to be delivered just before the weekend starts. Alternatively, place an order as usual. Then if it looks like it will be delivered over the weekend or you will need to review it before Monday, ask your seller to send a request to extend the delivery time,

So far, the systems in place work fine for the majority of buyers and sellers. Maybe next time order from a regular video studio off-Fiverr. In most cases they will be happy to note your schedule and only contact you when you are available. Just remember that you will pay regular studio prices for that kind of one on one service.


You can also let the order auto-complete, and if you need revisions (and the seller offers them), ask your seller via inbox. As long as the request is reasonable (making small changes, not doing the whole animation all over again, and not asking for 50 revisions because you can’t decide what you want) and within the reasonable time frame (a day or two after the order was marked as complete, not months later), most sellers will provide the revisions that were included in the package even though the order is officially done.


Hello, just take a look at it even though it’s Sunday. Then you can send a message to the seller if you need any revisions. It’s not a terribly time consuming thing.


If you don’t want notifications then go to settings and say you don’t want notifications.


Your seller is working,you should appreciate that he delivered your order in time


So you took the time to register and log into this forum and post a message but don’t have to time to review an order that YOU placed and paid money for. Interesting!


The OP is actually a buyer - so is complaining that Fiverr requires them to spend their weekend reviewing a video (which isn’t actually the case, as the OP mentioned they still have 24 hours, meaning they can review it on Monday, so I’m not really sure the complaint was warranted in the first place)

Although all your points are definitely valid for any seller worried about being expected to work the weekend!

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Thanks for the correction. My mistake. Sorry about that, @devans001. But yes, everything I wrote still applies. If you don’t want to work on a weekend (to receive and review), don’t order on a date that would mean delivery falls on a weekend. “Get a life, Fiverr” implies Fiverr is burdening you. This can’t be so because you initiated the order. It would be a burden to buyers if Fiverr put off all deliveries until Monday.

This is quite an interesting complaint…
I mean, I have seen people complain here when a potential buyer messages a seller and expects them to reply right away whether it is during the holidays or the weekends ( and that’s when I feel like shouting excuse me, I have this thing called life, go look it up!!), but getting a notification message isn’t that bad, is it? It’s just reminding you, I’d just say oh, thank you cool, I’ll check it later.

BTW @eoinfinnegan, I had NO idea that such settings existed!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I think you get the point better than most Zeus.

There is this concept of ‘working days’ in business and this is why I was caught out by Fiverr including Saturday and Sunday as working days in the review process. Including them as working days isn’t progress or helpful as many of us have to fight for a work life balance, so telling me to review the work fully and have a colleague do the same on a Sunday isn’t helpful - especially as I was camping up a mountain in Wales with my kids! Sorry to be a pain in the ar$e buyer for those of little sympathy for my family time.

I’ll rush to it this morning and get it done as there is still a couple of hours on the clock but I will be wary of using Fiverr again I’m afraid if the delivery and approval times coincide with the weekend. We all like turning jobs around efficiently and getting paid, and I hate non responsive clients as much as anyone as you lose the thread of a project if it isn’t kept fresh in the mind, but maybe making it 3 working days would be a compromise? Just a thought.

Best of luck in your creations and gigs! :grinning:

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Guys - going through my inbox - the seller extended the deadline once I told him I was up a mountain! That worked. I’ll be using him again - he completely got my point. Great seller! Very straightforward. See below:

Hi my friend…dont worry. I asked to extend the time, so i can deliver again and you can have more time for decide. When the seller deliver you the work, you have 3 days for decide its an automatic procedure of Fiverr …but if you need of more time, is not a problem :slightly_smiling_face:


I really love the concept of weekdays and how you have put your thoughts into it. I have actually forgotten when was the last time I have enjoyed a weekend. We work to live. If we are not living properly what’s the point of working. Today is a religious festival for us, as much as I want to spend the time enjoying, I have a work order in queue. It’s quite upsetting that I am spending the day sitting in front of my desk with a sore face. I have finished the work that I could last night and the 2 other order are not due today. So I was looking forward to enjoying my time today. However, I got a new order unexpectedly last night which is due today. So cheers to me.

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Pyonarts - you have to fight for it my friend - and as you see some people think its a bit unreasonable. I try to look at my kids on the weekends not the inbox. I work minimum 55 hour weeks and have 3 businesses - not a lazy bone in my body! But we are more than work/money. Can you not adjust your settings - its good to look busy in business - or state I don’t work Sundays? Clients don’t own you for $100 - they need to be patient and get a bl00dy life!


Fiverr don’t own you as a buyer, and they make no claim to. All that is asked of you as a buyer is to review the work that has been delivered to you by your sellers within 72 hours of it being delivered. There’s a number of entirely valid reasons why 72 hours is a fair request;

  • 72 hours includes at least one business day, guaranteed, minimum. At the very worst, you may have to devote a bit of time on a Monday or a Friday to review the work.
  • Your seller has worked hard to deliver your work within the timeframe that you requested when you placed the order. If you know that an order is going to be delivered on a Friday, and you would rather it gets delivered on a Monday, place the order at a different time. Or, contact your seller, and ask them for a Custom Offer, with an extended delivery time. Most sellers will be as accommodating as they can be.
  • We, as sellers, do not get paid until you have accepted the work. Then, at this point, the funds go into a ‘clearing cycle’, which for Top Rated Sellers is 7 days, and for everyone else is 14 days. So in other words, if you accept the work today, it’s going to be about 2 weeks before your seller gets their money. Adding additional time to this only hurts your seller, who is already having to wait patiently to be paid for the work they’ve completed.

We live in a world where you can have packages delivered in 2 hours, food delivered in 20 minutes and blockbuster content at the push of a button. Stating that you don’t work Sundays is fine, but it puts you at a disadvantage, especially as a freelancer. Keep in mind that we freelancers don’t have to adhere to 9 to 5 hours, don’t have to travel to a workplace, don’t have a boss breathing down our necks. It’s not a bad life. But the other edge of the sword is that we sometimes have to work the hours that other people don’t.

We offer 24 hours, and have had buyers place large orders Saturday morning, meaning we’re working the weekend. But we charge a premium for this… We only offer this on the weekends where we otherwise would have little on, and often make the days up during the week instead. And Fiverr also has an Out of Office function for Sellers, which we use when needed, and will be using when we go on holiday in a few weeks time.


Ok some valid points there and this is the first time I have used this platform so am quite the newbie! I use freelancers all the time though, was a freelance editor for years and could well be classed as one myself I guess, despite operating as a small company. I do get it. In essence what you are putting across in your post is reasons to do what is best for seller and platform, rather than may be best for the buyer. Its fine if you want to put your points across like that but maybe a lot of it isn’t really a buyers concern? I couldn’t in fact specify the turnaround time and have no interest in forcing a seller to work the weekend - especially knowing I was out filming on the Friday and couldn’t really approve on my phone, solo, on the hop. Actually this is just as well as have requested a revision as the grey text is a bit brown and does not match the pantone… I needed to do that in the office, today, not be pressurised into it on the weekend.

I do take your points onboard though and hope you do mine. I think they are all valid reasonable points, and as you say you can charge more for a quick turnaround weekend job which is fair, reasonable and desirable. Considering ‘working days’ when dealing with professionals remains my suggestion - but I have found the workaround thanks to posts here :slight_smile:

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But no one is making you or requiring you to
the weekends. You can order at different times. You initiated this and it is within your control. This is freelance, not staff employment. You can tailor it to your needs, but you have to take the initiative to make that happen.

Fiverr isn’t going to adjust dates because that would mean adjusting contracts and not meeting expectations. If you don’t want to review or work on the weekend, adjust your settings and practices accordingly. It isn’t up to Fiverr to do that for you and if they did, they’d be breaking contracts.

Not really. You could also say that you are projecting what is best for you as a buyer on Fiverr as what is best for all buyers on Fiverr. However, you have acknowledged that this was your first time using the platform. It has also been pointed out by myself and other sellers that there are easy ways to navigate around the problem you have experienced.

As it stands, Fiverr is a global marketplace. In some places and cultures, there is no weekend. That you have the privilege of a weekend is nice. However, extending delivery times or order review periods across the marketplace would impose several inconveniences on buyers and sellers.

Practically implementing this would also be tricky. Fiverr spans several different time zones and your weekend won’t always be the same as someone else’s.

As it is, if you had researched how Fiverr works before placing your order, you would have known that you would have a 3-day period to review your delivery. It was also good that Fiverr notified you that you had 24-hours remaining to do so. If they hadn’t, you might have been unaware and not been able to take steps to have this period extended.

It really sounds like you are annoyed about receiving a notification on your phone while having some family time over the weekend. Clearly, though, this means that you took your phone with you and would have been accepting notifications from other businesses also. - Promotional emails, etc.

As a veteran of several freelance platforms, I can also safely say that you would likely have received a similar notification if you had placed an order on a Fiverr competitor site. As it is, if things like email reminders inconvenience you so much, you might want to consider turning your mobile data off the next time you go camping.

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Not annoyed by notification per se at all - annoyed by tight sign off deadline that includes 2 non working days as defined by most of USA/Western Europe. But I have made this point several times now - so will end my feedback here as we are going around in circles. You guys can continue justifying treating the weekend as working days and make that an issue with me and my scheduling but generally this isn’t my attitude towards clients timelines in business.

I choose suppliers based on their policies - its their business and their choice but after that it becomes my decision. If it doesn’t fit its over. However my seller was very accommodating at the end of the day so it all worked out:slight_smile: ) and I will definitely use him again. And tell him to drop the mouse and hit the beach on a sunny August weekend too…:heart_eyes:

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