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I withdraw money for the first time to Fiver revenue card and hour ago and it is not showing in payoneer account how long it will take to show it on payoneer


After Withdrawing your Revenue from Fiverr to Payoneer Card, you will receive a mail to your email account… From there, you have to select whether you want to get the money as Instant Load or Standard Load.

For Instant Load, Payonner will charge you $5

and for Standard Load, Payonner will charge You only $1

And usually it takes only 48 hours to get Your money loaded on your Payoneer Account…!

[ Payonner will Mention everything about Charge and Loaded time. Just follow the mail ]


Reply to @rjtamzid:

thanks for your reply and how long it will take receive a mail to my email account??


Reply to @lutherlex: I usually get it in about 10 minutes. Make sure that you’re checking the correct email address (the one you used to open the Payoneer account) and check all tabs (sometimes it shows up in the main one, sometimes in one of the others), as well as your spam folder.