Fiver Review System


Can anyone tell me How My rating show 4.7 . It’s really confusing. Please suggest me anyone.


4.9 is your all-time rating and what counts for the evaluation is just the 60-day period, for which your rating is 4.7. Maybe you had fewer orders or fewer 5* reviews in the past 60 days, that would bring your rating down.


last 60 days only 3 order were down 4.7 and all are 5


within 21 review last 60 days 18 were 5* and 1 is 1.5 , 1 is 3.5 and 1 is 4.5 then how review in 4.7?


That 1.5* review can bring the rating down quite a bit, as can the 3.5* one. I’m afraid that your rating is correct. Though if you think something’s off you can always calculate the rating for yourself and if your result doesn’t match with the system’s you can ask CS for help.


Can you please tell me how calculate the review?


Your total rating (within 60 days) is: (18x5+1.5x1+3.5x1+4.5x1)/21 = 4.738 ~ 4.7


yes i agree with you


Thanks For clear answer


Thank you this is helpful.


Thank you this was very helpful to understand the calculation for last 60 days.