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Fiver reviews automatically open

Hi everyone, I want to know if we don’t check the fiver review from a client, will it be automatically checked after some time?

I mean if I don’t want to check a review of a client, will fiver automatically open it?

please assist


As far as I can remember, It happened to me when I didn’t review back and after 2/3 days, the buyer’s review was appeared on my profile and even then I could give a review back to the buyer.

You have 10 days to reply a review once your customer wrote it. Once the 10 days pass, the review will automatically be shown on your gig page.

Note that if you don’t reply to the buyer review until then, you can’t rate the buyer. But you can reply to what he said in his own review regarding your work, be it good or bad.

The idea is, you can’t escape those reviews, even if you don’t open it, the review will appear on your page after 10 days whether you want or not.

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If you don’t give a review to the buyer it will not show on the buyer profile. But if your buyer gives you a review it will automatically show after 10 days in your profile.

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