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Fiver Revision system

My client put order on 29 October and so far ask for 11 revisions, i offered him only 5 revisions in order. but i kept changing as he requested, but now he is just trying to scam me as he use my source file and selected another seller on fiver for final editing. what i can do now? I contacted customer support today as well but Fiver should have strict policy for revision as well.

If you delivered the source file to him as part of the work you did for his order, he is free to do whatever he wants with that source file, including having another seller edit it. Your work is no longer yours when it is delivered to the buyer. At that point, it becomes the property of the buyer.

If you fulfilled all of the terms of his order, then politely refuse to do any more work for him. He is not entitled to free work, and you do have the right to say no.


Okay but i can not mark as complete and what i can do if he ask for revision? can customer support will mark that as complete?

Politely say no. Like I said, if you already delivered all of the revisions you offer, then you do not have to provide any more.

Fiverr does not complete orders upon request. You are going to have to work it out with the buyer. If you ask Fiverr, they’ll tell you the same thing.

Why do have then option of 5 or 6 revisions. It should be mention as unlimited revision if there is no cap for revision for buyer

I don’t know. But you do still have the option to say, “no”. Be strong, stand up for your work, and don’t let bad buyers take advantage of you.

If you say, “no”, mean it. Bad buyers are unable to get their way or take advantage of confident buyers who enforce the limits of the terms in an order.

There is never a good reason to offer unlimited revisions, and yes, it does say “unlimited revisions” when there is no cap.

I’m pretty sure you mean, “limited”, in this case, though, and yes, it would be nice if Fiverr had a hard “buyers cannot ask for more revisions after their limit is used up”, but, right now, that isn’t part of the Fiverr platform. So… say “no”, mean it, and remind those buyers that if they want more work – beyond what was orders, and beyond YOUR revision terms – they need to pay for that work.


Thanks i will try that as well

As long as you get paid, meaning he stops demanding revisions and accepts your final delivery, then it doesn’t matter what he does with that source file.

Don’t be so possessive with your work, focus on the money. In the advertising industry, sometimes we keep a copy of the commercial as we originally did it, and a copy of the commercial that actually aired. We don’t like the client changing our work, but he pays the bills so we say nothing. It’s not our job to question the client, it’s our job to please him.

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I have no problem in multiple revisions or client using source file and asking others to edit it… He still does not accepted the delivery and asking for lame revisions which i think he is doing so i fed up and ask to cancel order. He asked for 12 revision just now and said pdf not opening while pdf is working fine. I am not sure what his attentions are.

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Now that is something I don’t agree with.

I am sorry for butting in, I’m definitely aware I wasn’t asked what I thought about your statement but this is a public forum, you are a senior member and others may see this as great advice.

It’s true we are not here to add friction to the transaction, or oppose the client.

But on the other hand we are supposed to be positioned as experts in our field. We are hired because people need our skill and expertise.

We need to be able to educate the client about the process so when they insist upon something we advise against, they do make an informed decision.

It’s OK to not agree with the client, I too keep a director’s cut of the explainer videos I make and I may use those in my portfolio vs what the client signed off on.

But not discussing things with the client, and not standing by your skillset and thought process is not doing either side any favors.

@ahm4design why do you feel the need to offer 5 revisions in the first place? Aren’t you confident in your own work?

Your tagline “design for everyone” is in itself an impossible task, setting you up for a future filled with problematic encounters.

Your service is not for everyone and that’s fine. Your problems on this order started when you kept trying to please the client past initial delivery. So it all originated from your brief/discovery phase.

Did you ask the right questions? Were the answers provided by the client adequate and provided the necessary insight to move forward?


Thanks for such brief informative answer. I will definitely try to improve my communication skills. In Architecture clients want to change some layout most of time

Same goes with every creative profession.

I get that revisions are inevitable.

But it’s definitely more productive for you and more streamlined for the client if you pay more attention during discovery. Taking more time there will lead to a better delivery that will protect your work.

The revisions then will be so minor, 1 round will be enough. And you will get to close the order sooner which means you get paid faster.

As a writer, I’ve stopped using the word “revisions” when it comes to Fiverr cients. The word is vague and can mean different things to different people – especially non-writers.

What does “revision” mean precisely? Is it correcting one- or two-typos? A couple of grammatical oversights? Is it tweaking a sentence? A paragraph?

Instead of “revision,” I talk to my clients/buyers in terms of “drafts” and let them know that I will do three drafts, but after that, they have to pay.

I’ve been doing this for 18-months and the problems have disappeared.

Jerry Nelson


I don’t agree with you and it is important to question clients when they go out of line because Fiverr is a workplace where mutual respect is important

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Yes, you’re most likely right. Asking for endless revisions is one way to frustrate the seller. Of course, he could save time by sending cancellation requests until you say yes.

Don’t be, I get involved in conversations I didn’t start all the time. You’re entitled to your opinion. We’re all equal here, “senior” or not.

I’ve tried doing that. I had “Satisfaction is not guaranteed” and “refunds are not given for quality issues,” but it doesn’t work. Unhappy and cheap people will demand refunds, doesn’t matter if you charge $5 or $500, you’re gonna get unhappy buyers sooner or later.

I never said you can’t discuss things with a client before he orders, after he orders, and during the order. Sometimes I tell client where my ideas came from, what inspired them, etc, other times I just show the work and let them ask questions. I believe sometimes you have to sell the work, sometimes the work sells itself.