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Fiver said 3rd party complain with me

I am create a gig on Facebook comments and share But some one copy me and my gig is denied and fiver said 3rd party complain, I have a question , who is third party ?

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Most likely Facebook? Contact CS for clarification.
The users here don’t have the answers you seek.


Huh? What are you talking about?

No wonder why you got in trouble. 'Cause you’re providing comments and pretending to be a chick.

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I think they don’t check any think

Support won’t tell him. They can’t disclose who the third party is, or what the complaint was.

Which is totally counterproductive, as that way you can’t even edit or redo the gig in a way that fix the issue.

3rd party in this case is Facebook. Whether they call it second party, pool party or any other party. No one copied your gig. The system just noticed you might have been offering something that might conflict with another sites policy, so they gave you gig wings and told it to fly away.