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Fiver sales and impressions decreasing drastically


I see my fiverr sales , and new customer contacts has been going almost 0 for the past two weeks now, i used to have lots of new customer contacts every week, can anyone tell me what is going on , am I the only one or this is happening with all of you.


I think the decline is due to so many fraudsters on here. This is a shame as it is a fantastic way to move your business on. Plus you want to be sure to get your money back but some knw how to prolong the waiting. I recently had this problem but have took no risk this time. Some people will say they can do the job at hand and clearly has little knowledge.


Is there anything that anyone recommends me to do , on how to bring back the impressions and gigs I am loosing because , if this goes on like this for a bit more , It will totally put me out of the game I am afraid, and does anyone knows the exact reasons why all off a sudden gig impressions and messages decline , with still 100% rating .


I will leave this here:


Hi, I am going through the exact same situation. For the past 2 months I have had little to no sales.
After previously getting regular orders I do not seem to be getting orders any more. I have tried everything to improve my listings, even creating more and newer gigs. I have asked the Fiverr team for help but they don’t seem to be doing anything to help assist, I don;t know what to do, I desperately want to start seeing a change. What can I do?


Hi! dont be alarm, maybe you will need to give a refresh to your Gigs. This happened to me too a few months ago, and what I did was to refresh my Gig information, tags, even the sample images. that helped me a lot.