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Fiver seller support is unresponsive?

i have been trying to fix my issue for some days now. after my latest solved ticket they asked me to create a follow up if issue doesnt get fixed. now they are not even answering… :frowning:
Please suggest me what should i do other than waiting as 7 days open ticket havent got any reply except for autoreply on the first day and then none is answering.
Thank you


What is your issue?

Are you sure it is Fiverr not Payoneer (Thanks Coerdelion, I never heard of this Payo until 10-20 days ago on forum)?

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Don’t keep opening new tickets - you can open your existing ones by adding a new reply to them.

CS are overwhelmed … and, frankly, kinda testy. Keep opening new tickets about the same thing and you’ll be marked as a spammer. That will mean you’ll not get answered at all - ever again.

Anyway - you’re probably better to talk to payoneer CS. Fiverr CS don’t have any control over Payoneer …


payoneer cs isnt responsive at all. thats why im only asking fiver about the issue.

i am having this issue because i created a payoneer months ago and connected with fiver but its not verified and not enabled so i created a different payoneer with correct info. but now i cant connect it to fiver anymore :frowning:

everything sorted out. they replied finally and issue is fixed.