Fiver should let Buyers know, at the time of cancelling an order, that it can be considered negative


So I order a gig by a accidental mouse click, legitimate. I click cancel immediately and clicked selected If I remember correctly. Order it on accident. Seller denies produces gig. I told seller I didnt want it.

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I am with the guy here. You didn’t explain why you wanted to cancel, you just went to cancel.

You do realize that cancellations negatively affect sellers right?


Its not about the money


Im not arguing, though it may seem I am, about him. It was more of how I thought Fiverr wouldh handle our transaction and my many attempts to resolve it. If we had someone like Ryan and you write that, I would have totally understood. Check his rating Ryan, just rated him positive. I totally totally understand. I think it’s something that the community and the board need to have a meeting of the minutes and discuss how future policies and procedures will be handled. More importantly, if it were my last $5.00 I could utilize based on a budget of some kind.


It was my mistake, I was at fault on this one. I stand corrected and I apologize. I would use leadharvester again. Sorry for not understanding. Thank Ryan and Madmoo for explaining it to me. Yesh I feel like a douche.


They should have some kind of petty cash for the sellers to give per month or based on gross rev or # of tickets to allow them to reimburse these <~~Dummys. Just enough to not give htem away.


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Communication is vital on both parts. The last time I ordered by mistake (yes, it happens to many of us!), I sent the seller a PM instead of inputting instructions. I apologised lots in that message and even offered to buy the gig since it was my mistake and I didn’t want it to affect her cancellation ratio. Luckily, because I didn’t input the instructions, after 7 days it can be cancelled without affect so she went for that but I was more than willing to pay for my own mistake. I should have been more careful.

We have been inundated with people buying and cancelling just to hurt our ratings and it is really annoying; not to mention the amount of buyers who threaten negative feedback. I’m glad to see that you’ve changed your feedback and explained the situation. I’m not sure if sellers are notified when there is a change to the instructions. Maybe you could message him to let him know, if you haven’t done so already.


Well said, I will do!




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No had it for a while! Can I ask you a question Madmoo?