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Fiver showing 1 active buyer request but no request is below

Yes, this is Bug! I also face this issue!

Today i’m facing this issues, how to fix it :pleading_face: :face_with_monocle:

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Hi sister, I amalso facing same problem i currently facing issues of active 2 order but there is no order found.

very sad :frowning:


maybe this a bug! report this issue to fiverr support or maybe the buyer cancel the order.


I usually don’t see any, but with my computer refreshing the buyers request page frequently whilst I’m present, I do see a couple of them every few hours or so.

The problem is that everyone responds to them and as a result, if the client gets a good offer, they’ll take it and the request disappears.

As such, I think it’s a good idea make gigs for multiple areas of expertise. That way, you won’t be limited to the 1 field your gigs belongs to.


yes last 2 days it shows 2 active buyer request but there’s nothing on that area. :neutral_face:

It’s fiverr bug, hope they can fix this issues. :face_with_monocle:

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I’m not complaining about that i’m not getting buyer request because i know new users don’t get so much buyer request.
Also i have organized my gigs with multiple skill.
And here problem is that it shows 2 active buyer request but there’s no buyer request on that section.

same issue shows 2 active but no req

The issue I have is being shown 5 buyer requests, but I am not able to view the 5th one. It usually ends at (4/5), and no matter how I try, because I like to believe there’s power in my fingers to swipe it to the last one, it just doesn’t budge.

still have the same issue :disappointed:

in my page always is showing 9 and nothing is there
if I have once request the number will turn to 10 :smile:

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May be They fix this issues. Same as I also face this problem. Show 3 active buyer request but nothing there.


yes it is , now i’m used to see this issues :sweat_smile: :smile:

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It was a bug. Now solve this issue automatically .

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Same issue showing me.

nothing to fear brother. I guess this is a fiverr bug. I faced with this.

Are we going to get an official response from Fiverr on this issue? it seems to be around for a long time now…

Yeah this happens with me some times too, I think it is a glitch. Just check back after an hour or so, maybe you’ll be able to see the buyer requests then.
Hope this helps!

Yes! I am also facing this problem. I think it is a fiverr bug.

I’ve never seen the buyer request work upon the initial load.
Usually, It doesn’t show anything until it refreshes due to swapping between filter settings for me.

Over all tough, it’s so buggy that I rarely use it.