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Fiver support fraudsters

We where done in by a seller for over 300 dollars. We brought it under fivers attention about the fraudulent acts of the seller. They agreed that the sellers actions was not under fivers rules.our next message from support manager is that we have to work with the seller as refund is not a option for us . The seller couldn’t deliver our order in over months broke all the rules and now we forced to work with a fraudster awesome support from fiver we are glad to see they keep to the promises they make on social media and that they keep to their terms and conditions.

It is hard to respond to this without knowing any details.

Yeah man, you make bold claims, you have to back them up. What were the fraudulent acts of the seller? The seller must have delivered something as otherwise you could have clicked the late delivery cancellation button. So what’s the deal? If Fiverr isn’t supporting you, then it may even be up to the standard stated on the gig and you’re looking for more/something else, which is why you’re not being entitled to a refund.

So, spit it out. You’re just ranting about nothing otherwise.

Got any proof? If not, bye Felicia! :stuck_out_tongue: