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Fiver support is down

Is it only me that have problem to access the fiverr support ?

I have been trying to access it during several hours and it’s still showing that it’s down.

Fiverr Customer Support

It’s up for me. Can you try this link?

Fiverr Customer Support

it’s still not opening the page. I tried with safari, Chrome and with firefox.

Are there any other way to contact the support ?

Even when I’m logged in my fiverr account, and press help button. I can’t open the support page.

now it’s working fine

I think the e-mail address is but I’m not sure how reliable that is. They must get so much junk mail. You could try it, though.

It works fine on my end…

Hmmm I am trying to submit a request but it’s not working at the moment … I am being redirect to my existing requests… Is anyone else experiencing the same thing ?

You are replying 4 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

Best just to create a new topic and you will receive replies which reflect the current situation.

I actually did notice , I didn’t want to start a new thread that’s all