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Fiver throw my all gigs to the last page

Hello all :slight_smile:
I need your little help. Fiver throws my all gigs to the last page after promoting me to level 1 from the last 2 months. My response rate, delivery rate and order completion rate is 100%. I want to know why fiver throw my all gigs to the last page. i am so worried. Any one help me?


Search results are dynamic and based on certain data. If certain data changes, serps change. There is not much you can do about it. Track whether it changes and if it doesnt you could think about editing your description. But is a slippery slope since you can also edit for the worse since you dont know the reasons for your bad ranking to start with.


All your gigs are in highly competitive fields.

For example, I see that one of your gigs is for data entry work. When you search for ‘data entry’ - 51,000 gigs appear in the search results.

51,000 people cannot be on the first page of the results. Therefore Fiverr moves gigs about to give everyone a fair chance. The reality is that no one on the forum knows the exact reason why or how. But it has been suggested by many forum contributors that buyer feedback, whether or not you edit the gig, average gig rate etc, all play a part in where you appear in search results.

I can see that you’ve got some great feedback from buyers, so I would like to help you quickly. I can see that a couple of your gig titles include the phrase ‘I will scrap…’ . You mean 'I will scrape… '. The words ‘scrape’ and ‘scrap’ have very different meanings. You need to change the titles of two gigs to correct them.


thanks i will do that