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Fiver Tip 1 Gig Discription For New Sellers


Gig Description is the first long step you cross to catch the success, why I used long step for description because every customer will observe your work by reading your description you must shine it using the following things.

In the first paragraph of your description you have to tell how customer will be beneficiary if he order your gig.
Second paragraph you need to mention about your work history you expertise.
Third you have to tell about service your are providing what he will get in $5, you can also mention you have Gig Extras as well.
Fourth you need to include your portfolio links, many people thing fiverr dont allow external links in Gig description but that’s not true, you can include link of your portfolio without http.

I'm new in fiverr. How to get order?

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In my opinion instead of writing a very very long description, a video is more efficient way to tell visitors about your services. In marketing video attracts more visitors and people hate to read very long articles.You can find sellers here on fiverr for video.And in description you can add main points about your services


If I could please add to this re. external portfolio links:
removing the http: from your link will not make it invisible to Fiverr staff who manually check listings.

These are currently the only safe links to have in your profile, gig descriptions etc.


As a matter of first importance, I am not composing gig description here, my need is to help new sellers.And the words conveyed the message what I am stating.

So on the off chance that you have an issue with my tip, you can comment.Don’t discuss the thing which has no effect there.Thanks


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