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Fiver Traffic Rip Off

I have tried 5 different gigs to sent traffic to my blogs and offers. I have had thousands of hits and not one opt-in. Thing all of the traffic gigs are a scam. Also almost all of the traffic is from internet explorer.

How can all traffic be from internet explorer?

If it is real traffic it should come from several different browsers. Some of the sellers have very high ratings with comments like “Over delivered on traffic but no sales, oh well I guess I’ll have to try again” I have not seen one comment on any traffic gig saying that there were opt-ins or sales. I think all of them are a scam.

Someone please tell me of a traffic gig you used that had a good response of at least 5% on an opt-in form to get a free product. I don’t think one exists on fiver.

Also I have tried to talk to the sellers. They stall for a few days then say they will redo the order then do the same things again no traffic or a bot and this goes on for a few weeks then its too late to cancel. Its a big rip off. Fiver should remove all of the traffic gigs.

You’ve learned a hard lesson: the vast majority of those traffic sites are bots or scams. And not only that, using them is against the terms of use of all the major social media sites, and if they spot all that fake traffic (which they’re getting very good at), they’ll close your account, no warning. Don’t believe me? Visit this thread:

There are lots of other similar threads, too, from people who lost AdSense accounts and Facebook pages, among others.