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Fiverr 2 account continue 1 pc

Do Fiverr 2 accounts continue 1 pc but another identity? how possible?


The rule is one account per person. technically, having two different people using the same computer, each with their own account, breaks no rules. There’s no rule in the TOS saying you need to have your own private (non-shared) computer.

However, it can trip up alarms, and lead to problems, because it can be hard to prove nothing wrong is going on. I don’t know how Fiverr controls and enforces the one account per person rule. If they just check if the same computer is accessing different accounts, they can ban both even though they are technically not doing anything wrong.


Why did you repeat what I just said above?

That’s what the little heart under the posts is for. Don’t just copy and paste what others say, there’s no point to it. If there’s no new information to add, don’t say anything.

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Sorry for this, I edit this answer.

Now you edited to say something that is the opposite of what I said. That is not the rule anywhere. Please show me where the rules state “1 computer/ 1 account”.

Sorry for this, i am a new person in fiver.

I am very very sorry.

Dude, relax, it’s not that serious lol. Just use the hearts when you agree with what was said, and write a post when you have new information to add.


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thank you vary murch your information very improtent

You didn’t read it. Don’t need to write that, just put an heart on the post and write nothing.


It’s very dangerous for your accounts So be careful about that

Its better to use one account on your pc.otherwise may be you face problem in future.

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