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Fiverr $2 fee for each order

hello, I was wondering if anyone else experienced a drop in sales after fiverr added the $2 fee for each order. Now for someone to order a $5 gig they have to pay $7. Fiverr might make the same amount of money: less orders are compensated by more money thanks to the additional fee, but sellers make a lot less. Anyone else thinks this was a really bad idea? the fee should be at least proportional to the order value, like a percentage, so if someone orders a more expensive gig they pay a higher fee but if they order a $5 gig they should definitely not pay a 40% fee, this is crazy. Buyers pay $7 and sellers make $4.


I agree it should be less and there shouldn’t be a charge on tips or when buyers pay from their Fiverr balance. Though shouldn’t the fee charged be relative to their actual costs for orders, or at least take more account of the actual costs related to various orders?

eg. Fiverr takes a service charge ($2 on purchases up to and including $40, and 5% on purchases above $40)+20% of the fee from orders, but the actual costs to Fiverr for handling any issues with orders won’t double with a gig that is double price. Shouldn’t the service charge (and maybe percentage of gig price that goes to Fiverr) - or the service charge percentage get less as the gig price goes up?


yes exactly, besides the fact that fiverr already keeps 20% of the payments, now they even added $2 which can be ok on a $50 order, but adding $2 out of a $5 orders it means it’s an astonishing 40% fee. The seller (us) only get $4 out of a $7 payment, this is nearly half. Now this could even be ok, but I did notice a big drop in my sales after they have implemented this $2 fee. I really hope that they remove it or at least they make it proportional to the amount a gig is paid, adding a 40% extra fee is extremely unreasonable


My sales did not drop, but I do not get tips anymore.

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I imagine that the people who lost sales the most were ones that had gigs priced at $5-10. Out of a $5-10 order a 2 buck fee is unquestionably very high. For sellers who make most sales on orders starting at $15-25 or more, I don’t think the impact is as bad. The more the buyer spends, the less the fee seems that bad.

I think in some ways that may have boosted sellers with higher prices but I am still against the fee on principle. I don’t mind there being a fee that is a percentage of an order, but I’d like to see it be balanced better allowing for some cheaper gigs.

My sales went up after the fee, but like Vickie, I stopped getting tips for the most part. My extras also do not sell after an order due to the fee.


I agree with you. This will soon start chasing buyers

I think we should write more on this particular topic to get fiverr’s attention


If you use the :mag: search feature, you will see that this particular topic has been discussed at great length on the Forum and it has had no effect on the $2 service fee Fiverr charges on gigs less than $41. I got rid of all my $5 gigs because like @fonthaunt I think the $2 cost is too high of a percentage of the price of the total order.


It looks like they get a lot from sellers and buyers, but at the end this is a business, they have expenses as well, imagine any of us being in their position, what would you do? leave it for free? or get a margin that doesn’t make sense to have all that responsibility? We talking about business, and those days this is how business is developed, maintained and grew

Not just the initial service fee: I just got on fiverr again after many years. I purchased, then the person stated it was too complicated and asked for more $. I agreed, and was charged the service fee again.

Yes , you work hard and sometimes ]ifficult to talk to
buyer and you take maybe 3 days or 4 days i don’t know … to make him feels good , after that fiverr take (3 dollars and you 4 dollars ) whats mean that

I was wondering that. Now I got my answers. That’s why the avarage selles shows $7 instead of $5!

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I placed a $5 order and paid the $2 service fee. Then in the course of my work on this order, we agreed that I would pay him an extra $5. Guess what? Fiverr charged me the $2 again! What is the point of having a company where the majority of the buyer community is going to be pissed about their policies.

The fees are clear and In the TOS that you read and accept when signing on the site.
This post is over 2 years old.
If tips did not have a percentage then everyone would be selling for 5 and asking XXX in tips.

If you are a business owner how do you make money? By providing service for free or by charging for your services. Fiverr is a website. Someone has to maintain it, have customer service, domain, cloud, storage etc. Bills, utilities, all of this costs money. If they do not charge sellers and buyers for using their site, how will they continue to work?

You paid 14$ the seller got 8$ Fiverr got 6$.

You could look for someone to do this and pay him 8$ but you have no protection what so ever.

Your 14$ is much more than just what the seller gave you, the extra is service by the Fiverr.