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Fiverr 2 step verification

Dear Fiverr!

Please can you introduce 2 step verification method to protect our accounts from scammers? Like in Gmail and Yahoo accounts. This will really help us to protect our accounts as sellers. Please make your kind attention to develop a security system like that. That will really help us.

I think all the sellers in here will like to my suggestion. :)>-

Hope to here your ideas to develop this system and a good feedback from Fiverr team. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :-h

I want to know this.

@sajibcox This is only a suggestion to Fiverr community my friend. This will be a great feature to secure our accounts from hackers. That’s why I suggest a feature like this. If Fiverr gives there attention to develop this feature, it’ll definitely 100% safe to every seller to work on here.

If so, this place will be 100% safer place to deal with. :)>- Hope they will pay there attention on this soon. B-)


I thought Fiverr already had a two step verification. When I want to withdraw money, Fiverr sends me an email and I have to click a button.

I understand everyone is a little freaked out after what happened to Ashley Madison, but that’s different. AM didn’t have e-mail verification, Fiverr does, if you join with an e-mail account. Others join through Facebook.

Reply to @organicguide: Have you been hacked before?

Reply to @sincere18: Yes my friend. I hacked by someone. I think it happened through a key logger. Don’t click on any link that anyone asked to click. You will be also get hacked. Keep it mind and we have to create Fiverr as a better place to to deal with anyone. =)

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Hey!
This is not about withdrawal e-mail my friend. =) This is about account login verification like on Gmail and Yahoo. That hacker gets my email password as well. Then he added my email to his paypal and got my money. Now I have 2 step verification on my Gmail account. Now I’m safe on that. But What about our Fiverr accounts. =)

That’s why I suggested a verification system to Fiverr as well.


Reply to @organicguide: I see what you mean. But let me ask you a question, how would the hacker know which Fiverr account is worth hacking? How does he know who’s making money and who’s not? Could a hacker find my e-mail for example?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Can you find my gig on social media? =)

I think hacker send me a link with key logger to access my cookies and files. I had no Virus guard at that moment. Please make your Fiverr login computer safe with a good virus guard my friend. Do you have one? It will better for you as well. They can access any file if they hack our computer. Be safe. There are lots of hackers and spammers out here. Because this is the place to deal with. =)


Reply to @organicguide: That is scary, I have an Apple computer, but I’m sure some hackers are developing viruses for the mac as we speak.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes my friend! Therefore I also bought a Macbook pro thanks to Fiverr. :slight_smile: And I have to collect some money to complete my mother’s operation as well. I think Fiverr will help me to achieve this goal also as a God. :frowning:

I really wish you to have a very great future on Fiverr my friend. I really appreciate your kind words and replies to my post. :slight_smile: Have a great future on Fiverr, sir! :slight_smile: Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @organicguide: That’s amazing :slight_smile: Good luck to you as well.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: