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Fiverr 20€ charge upon withdraw

Hi there and sorry for my maybe stupid question, but i’ve searched the net and the forum but I didn’t find an answer,
It is the second time that I withdraw from fiver to bank account via Payoneer. The withdraws went ok, but both time the amount is 20€ less then the amount in green on the right of my profile image on top of page. I’m sure it is regular stuff, but I cannot find anything about the reason of this. Could someone please explain? I withdraw to my bank account in Italy, Europe. Maybe this is the reason? Thanks in advance for any answer.

Welcome to the world of Payoneer fees.

First, make sure that you are not getting confused by Fiverr showing $$'s and you withdrawing Euros. After that, it’s just a case of exchange fees and fees to withdraw. They all up. The main thing to remember is that the exchange rate you see on places like XE when you withdraw your funds is not the same one Payoneer uses. There’s is a bit higher.


Thanks for your answer. The amount displayed is in euros. Payoneer takes a 3$ fee. The fee is taken by fiverr, cause it displays an inferior amount in the withdraw message. I don’t think it d2pends on Payoneer. 20€ was the same amount in both withdraw, no percentage amount, and it seems a bit high for a withdraw fee… dunno.