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Fiverr 20% fee in the confirmation

Is it a really big problem to add a row which includes Fiverr fee in the system? Fiverr does not issuing invoices for sellers and for example my accountant requires any document which show that the price I offer my services is not my end price - there is 20% fee which you cannot find anywhere on Fiverr. Wouldn’t be a big problem to add just one row?

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Download your earnings report as a CSV file. Then give this to your accountant or add the details to your accounting software. If you do that, all you need to worry about is withdrawal fees and the exchange rate. :wink:


Yea, I told him so, but this is not so easy. According to him I need any confirmation about 20% fee and the A - B in IRS is not a proof. This probably depends on the country you live. In Poland everything is extremely difficult regarding the tax system.

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To be honest, freelancer tax is a nightmare everywhere. Buy a van and travel in a 365-day circle from Poland to France, Germany, the Czech Republic and back again. Then you won’t have to pay any.

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Haha, good idea you made my day, thanks! :smiley::smile:

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I’d appreciate a simple page that shows all revenues per month and, if you bought gigs too, the total costs of those gigs per month.
Now, I’m using the graph in the Analytics Overview but it only shows 1 month at a time when hovering, and divided in Sales / Tips (which is nice to know as info but useless for bookkeeping/tax purposes).

Fiverr, a graph like that with the whole revenue (from sales+tips in 1 sum) showing permanently over the monthly bars instead of only for 1 month when hovering, would be better!

(Ideally, you could choose to show dollars (edited because the dollar sign doesn't appear for some reason) plus your own currency if supported and not dollar , too.)

Also, an e-mailed statement from Fiverr, sent soon after Dec 31st, stating the yearly and monthly revenues of the past year, and the sum spent on gigs per year and months, would be just great!

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