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Fiverr 3.0 killed all my visibility and sales

Since the introduction of Fiverr 3.0 all my visibility and sales have gone for all my Gigs, including the top one has dropped by 95% as seemingly the search results are giving priority to low ranking Gigs. It would be good if Fiverr wouldn’t follow the “If something works, we fix it.” tradition of some companies as other than it’s hurting our sales, it also hurt their income. But since the introduction of Fiverr 3.0 the total conversion simply dropped to 2.0%, which is simply a joke. I had a better conversion rate on the very first week what I’ve spent on Fiverr, and had sales on almost every single day. But since Fiverr 3.0 I don’t really have sales at all (While I advertised all my Gigs the most in this month.).

So if someone at Fiverr is reading this, please don’t “fix”, which has worked perfectly. I want my visibility, my sales and my clients back. I’ve worked so hard to achieve the rank where my top rated Gig was, and I don’t like when someone is killing all my hard work, because he feels the necessity to fix something, which had no problem at all.

Please fire that braniac who have figured this “new system” out and give the old system back.

P.S.: And please forget the canned “everything is fine with our system” responses as seemingly not I’m the only one who is suffering because of this “new system”. Plus the statistics also confirms everything.

I had the same thing happen. I have over 600 gigs completed and all (well, besides a few 4.5’s because of star system) 5 star reviews. I figured it was a 3.0 bug dropping my ratings. But I contacted Fiverr and they told me, with little to no details, that I am a “violator” and I have “violated” so many things on Fiverr that I am a safety risk and I am “suspended” for 45 days. Lots of quotes because nothing is making sense to me right now.

I would contact them about it. I am guessing that I was suspended to some extent with 3.0 because I had some gigs denied (copyright because I used certain words or pictures that trigger nothing of the sort elsewhere NOR does Fiverr list these trigger words anywhere in their terms)… grr.

The point is that I haven’t purposefully violated anything and I have learned Fiverr’s weird copyright rules since then (well, what they tell us or what I can infer).

I’m frustrated right now if you can’t tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

On that way, Fiverr will collapse in just a few months…

i have a friend whose best selling gig on fiverr has suddenly disappeared leaving behind all the gigs having little or no sales… i really don’t know what is going on here.

Unlike your friends’ my Gigs are active, but it seems they don’t get the same visibility what they had before. This is starting to remind me for another marketplace where the marketplace started to run perfectly, became great, then some idiot sect member got into the company itself and started to rearrange everything so only the services of their fellow sect members are seen and purchased the most. This is starting to appear as similar, where Top Gigs, like my one disappears, while out of nowhere low ranking Gigs, whom presumably belong to the same sect group are getting all the visibility. It would be good if Fiverr look after the bio of their newly recruited members as presumably one, two or a few new members, whom presumably was “hired” by an “older” member are doing this in the background, making these “strange” changes in their system.

Reply to @istvanszaboifj: i agree some funny things have been going on around here lately,i remember fiverr of 2011 and 2012, such a good place to be then , everything moved so well , little or no complaints. Now its just a nightmare.

the past 2 weeks sales have been down :frowning:

Same here… I haven’t had a sale in 2 weeks except for the one that I sent there directly.

I’m wondering if it’s worth it now. The whole point was to expand visibility. If I don’t get any, might as well do it directly on my website and keep all my money.

I am a new seller to Fiverr and have only had one sale so far. I’ve been stressing that I haven’t managed to get any more sales. Do you think that this is a bad time to start new gigs on Fiverr if there seems to be such a decline in the number of sales, even for more experienced sellers?

Same here, my sales plummeted and the spam soared…

Reply to @whitehatseo10: Yeah, lots of people predicted Fiverr’s demise when 2.0 came out, too.

Fiverr wants sellers to socialize on FB, message on Twitter and other social media to gain clicks to your gigs. It’s doesn’t guarantee more buyers and you are actually helping fiverr by advertising their brand through social media. Whatever you do don’t make fiverr your full time job. You just never know when it might disappear.

Reply to @edume: The problem with Facebook that it’s throttling the visibility, so it would be good if Fiverr wouldn’t want us to socialize there or even Twitter. i.e.: My book franchise had a standard followers of 8400 people on FB and do you know how many have seen each of the posts lately? Sixteen per post, even with promo. It would be good if Fiverr would be kind and won’t turn into the next psycho-sect driven company which is throttling our visibility just to put the services offered by their buddies into the radar (As that’s what Facebook is actually doing and this is starting to remind me for this. Facebook is throttling the visibility of every site, with the exception of liberal sites that are promoting some sort of deviant idiotism promoted by their sect buddies. Twitter is the same, which is controlled by the same psycho-sect that is now throttling the visibility as those liberal morons are at the edge of collapse all around the world, so they’re trying to promote their BS via these social network services they control. So, it would be good if Fiverr wouldn’t start to use the same “We happily promote the service of the sect buddies, while we throttle your visibility to zero” method as other than it’s unethical, it’s also highly illegal. But these freaks love to ruin the work of others, while they’re making these “money sharing” operation for their freak buddies. And right now it starts to remind me for this, especially as all my Gigs has lost 90% visibility and sales, which is one of the signs that few of their employees belong to this sect is started to operate in the background and have made changes in the system to achieve the very same what their buddies already made at Facebook and Twitter.).

And yes, you’re right, don’t make Fiverr your full time job. I’ve my publisher, which has the same formatting service what I have on Fiverr (Actually Fiverr is the extended version of it. So if I’m losing clients here, that’s Fiverr’s loss, not mine. I just don’t like when something works, and Fiverr worked well, an idiot sect freak comes into the picture to ruin it, because their fanatic sect told them to do so.). That’s the reason why I said, if Fiverr reads this, look after the bio of those employees whom have made advised the recent changes of Fiverr 3.0., that changes that has suddenly killed the visibility for many as this was a deliberate sabotage, which is following the same plan what their buddies did at Facebook and Twitter already to gain advantage for their psycho-sect. But this is just going to kill Fiverr as the sales already dropped for many Level 2 and Top Sellers. Of course these psycho-brainacs are not really famous about thinking ahead.

Me too …sales went down!! Please help!

a Call to all Fiverr staff! Is it because of the 3.0 ?



Reply to @saafquality: Yes, it is. Everyone has noticed this, with the exception of Fiverr.

i learnt from a fiverr forum group that setting up new accounts and gigs will get more sales, it seems the new guys are the ones getting all the attention now on fiverr, if you notice some folks joined just last week and have already made close to 10 sales within a few days… i guess we just have to be patient and see what happens over the next few weeks.

Reply to @istvanszaboifj: Honestly, we’ve never associated our fiverr account with FB or Twitter as it would be a conflict of interest with our core business. We just help small business on fiverr as a way of giving back to the community. We’ve cut back on business through fiverr mainly due to a lot of fraud. Or, in our case producing videos for fraudulent use but you don’t know. This is the biggest problem we have with fiverr is the amount of fraud. Yet not much is done about it because it makes fiverr a lot of $.

I believe in your case, having so many followers on FB, it would be wise to establish your own website rather than rely on Fiverr all the time. You never know what the future holds with fiverr, so it’s best not to make it a full time job, but to balance fiverr between your own website and other things that you may do online.

Tip: having multiple streams (small streams) from many websites turns into larger money! Make sense? This is the way we’ve done it over the years and it still applies today. Don’t depend on one website.

Also, other competing websites like gigbucks, fourerr are having a hard time attracting buyers of their gigs. So, you can assume the concept of micro jobs have reached it’s peak and now is stable, if not going down.

I hope my ideas and info helps. Good luck.

Reply to @inspiredtony: Fiverr allows1 account per person. Although I’ve seen buyers and sellers have multiple accounts. Again, this is where the fraud comes into play. Having a good produce or service to sell also helps. If you need a video to promote those services let me know and I can help at a reduced cost.

Ah, it’s deja vu all over again~

(these are a few of the posts after Fiverr version 2.0 came out…there were many who predicted the end of Fiverr)

And of course, there were calls to return to the old tried and true Fiverr vers. 1.0:

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Reply to @edume: I need videos for my gig. Please inbox me if interested.