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Fiverr 3.0 Please no more fixing things!


Its like after they got the other 30 million in funding

They cant stop changing things for the worst!

First they say mutual cancellations wont hurt us yet anymore but

Do they back track to remove the % of them on accounts?


Do they even care how the 5 star thing goes against us?


Is costumer service faster?


Are they making it more more harder to get orders?


Are they showing Sellers we have no voice?


Is the new front page only helping ones they want?


Please stop with all the updates for its killing most of us.

Even making it hard to even move around here.

So please slow down on all this updates.


I agree. I don’t even understand how they choose the front pagers. Many of them are newbies with ten orders or less under their belts. Not that there is anything wrong with being new, heck I’m fairly new, but I think that the prime real estate should go to the most deserving. I mean they are certainly a few well deserved gigs up front but a large portion seem totally out of place up there. You would think Fiverr would put a solid mix of their best sellers up front to provide a solid first impression.

I also don’t know why the “recommended” page and the “new” page have become basically the same. If I was a buyer I wouldn’t look under any tab besides the “high rating”. Think about it, if you recommended a restaurant would you recommend that new place that no one has ever been to and you yourself have never tried? No you wouldn’t. So why fiverr calls that tab “recommended” is a mystery. I guarantee they have no basis for their recommendations. The tab should be called the “random” tab as that would be honest at least. A new buyer doesn’t know this though so say they go to the business category and the first gigs shown are the recommended tab gigs. They may never look any further and end up having a bad experience with a sub par seller. I think the high rating tab should always be the default the shows on top of every category. I was in a good position for a couple of weeks and it helped my sales dramatically. I’m not saying I should always have a top spot but in a tab called “recommended” what am I doing so far behind people with three star ratings and no star ratings? Really Fiverr, that’s what you are “recommending”. I’m sure someone will comment that Fiverr doesn’t chose and that it’s random, but that’s all the more reason to change the name from recommended to completely random.


Also can’t stand the navigation for the seller’s dashboard! Please bring back the old one!


smartypant that raise hand “teacher, teacher, i got a suggestion!” to fix thing that aint broken just to justify their worthy of existence,

every companies got few. deal with it.