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Fiverr 3.0: The Pros and the Cons


It is few days since the inception of the Fiverr 3.0. What has been your experience with this new version? Personally, I love the appearance of this new version and the navigation is really superb. In terms of sales, more money is rolling in. Your views will go a long way in helping Fiverr improves this version. What has been your views of Fiverr 3.0? Share your experience in the last few days. It is the best way of taking this great site to the next level. Look forward to having the experience of both sellers and buyers. Thanks.


I don’t like the new TO DO and NOTIFICATIONS system. Too confusing. I liked the old one where I’d land on the front page and see a green box with my number of TO DO’s lit up. This new system with dots and squiggly line and such is terrible.


>>>I don’t like the new TO DO and NOTIFICATIONS system. Too confusing. - See more at:

Ah, now I see someone has complained.

Yes, it’s awful and stupid. How many Fiverr users did they consult before instituting that stupid, asinine change?


And more to the point, how many of us have to complain before they put it back to the way it was and the way it should always remain?


Reply to @omnivoreink: In my 4 years on Fiverr, I never seen more complaints about a new feature being implemented when ARS rolled out. After tons of negative complaints about ARS, fiverr still implemented it. Why am I using the ARS as an exmaple? After the ARS experience and Fiverr still moved forward, this tells me that no matter how much members complain, Fiverr will not revert or change something based on member’s feedback.


I have to Agree >>>I don’t like the new TO DO and NOTIFICATIONS system. Too confusing. Bring back the Old Version it is more intuitive and user friendly, Also bring back the Shopping tab short cut. - See more at:


Interesting thread. I have been having a lot of confusion on logging in to my account dashboard. It is not possible to know the amount of orders you have at a glance. This makes the previous version more preferable.


I wasn’t around for the previous incarnation of Fiverr but I agree with other users about the ‘to do’ and ‘notifications’ icons. I didn’t even notice at first that the blue light was supposed to mean that I actually had things to-do. Something like a clipboard or more recognisable as a to do list with a brighter colour light would have been more helpful.

Having said that, I do like the drop down menus and the to-do and notification pages themselves. Most of the tables for selling etc. seem intuitive enough. I do find the pages for the actual sales a little hard to wade through though, they’re not very compact and it’s not always completely obvious what the last messages about the job actually were.


Reply to @steveeyes:

I don’t think there is any comparison between a totally new method such as the ARS and making a few changes to the GUI. Orange was the new Green if you recall.