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FIVERR 5 hacks for everyone!

  • be totally honest with all type of clients
  • over-deliver quality over quantity
  • be professional
  • set priority to satisfy and ask for help any time
  • be friendly genuine and kind

remember me guys !! :wink:

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You’re talking about honesty, yet you took someone else’s gig description


you might have notice that i have don several gig descriptions last 3 days for SEO for converting gig description. pls don’t blame me for that if fiverr is okay with that .

That still doesn’t excuse you for stealing someone else’s gig description.


They probably haven’t noticed it yet, but they will.


How are these things, “hacks”? They seem like basic, simple, common sense to me.


where was your honesty when you steal someone else’s gig description? :joy::joy:

you should check last update on fiverrs term of services using another users gig description in now allowed on fiverr


Where did you get that from?

Let’s see how long your gigs stay online.

this is misconducting you are still need to update your self about fiverrs term of services on fiverr is it 100 per legal to use any gig description you want so

From the ToS:

Users may report Gigs to Customer Support that may be in violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service based on the reported Gig’s replicated similarity to pre-existing services (copycat Gigs).

No it’s not I’m afraid - you have to use your own description, not somebody else’s.


for you maybe to basic or commonsense but please do you know how many sellers on ignore that you will be amazed !

With such a response you deserve to be reported.


Well you seem to be one of them since it only takes common sense to realize you shouldn’t copy other seller’s descriptions or gigs or images.


yes you too need to carefully understand what fiverr means by any sentence on the terms of services OR pls hire a law student on fiverr just for 5 bucks to help you with that is my tip for you

Just thought I’d repeat it for you as you might have missed it the first time:


Copying other people’s gigs is against the rules.
Posting advice tips is best done by people who have made sales or have some experience on the site.