Fiverr 50$ bonus false promise


Hello all, just wanted to share an experience with Fiverr’s christmas 50$ bonus promotion when withdrawing 100$.

An email was sent to me on November 1st, saying:
"Claim Your $50 Holiday Bonus
when you receive $100 in funds*
by Feb 28 2017
Claim Your Gift:

  1. Login to your Fiverr account
  2. Go to “Selling” > “Revenues”
  3. Choose withdraw option – ‘Fiverr Revenue Card’ or ‘Bank Transfer’ - both powered by Payoneer
  4. Follow the instructions on the email that will be sent to you

*New Payoneer accounts only.
Must sign up to Payoneer by November 30 2017."

Which I tought - Oh great, I’m a new account (payoneer card activated on 24th October), so all I need to do is earn 100$ (of which 25$ goes to Fiverr anyway due to comition). So, I’ve withdrawn my first ever $100+ dollars to my payoneer card and no bonus what so ever.

So to sum it up, the rules from the email were:

  1. *New Payoneer accounts only. Must sign up to Payoneer by November 30 2017.
  2. Must witdrawn 100$ buy Feb 28 2017

Contacted support, here’s the answer:
“Thank you for your patience and sorry for this taking so long. After further review of your case, we have seen that you are not eligible for this type of the promotion, since your Fiverr Revenue Card was set up much earlier then email was sent and first withdrawals were already done. Sorry.”

So, in much earlier they mean those six days before when I activated the card, then why send me an email in the first place? “and first withdrawals were already done.”- that is just plain lie, first withdrawal was on the:
Nov 09, 16
Withdrawal Initiated

Thank you Fiverr for keeping your word, keep going.


All credit goes to CS !!! :confused:


Sorry, but my understanding would have been you would apply for the card on or after the email arrived (Nov 1). Upon receipt of the card, you would have made the required withdrawal before Feb 28.

It reminds me of an offer I saw to get Hulu for $5.99. I had signed up for July 2 days prior to seeing the ad. I contacted Hulu and they said it mean literally a new account on or after the ad start.

It’s a bummer to find a sale/promo too late, but I don’t see any falsehood.


Hey @fonthaunt,
they could place this however they want, creating loopholes in a faulty system is very easy.
I only see two variables:

  1. *New Payoneer accounts only. Must sign up to Payoneer by November 30 2017.
  2. Must witdrawn 100$ buy Feb 28 2017

My account was new at the time, I did sign up by nov 30, and have had withdrawn 100$ by feb 28.
There is no mention of applying for the card from nov 1st nor that your first withdrawal needs to be $100.
They’re not dumb, I’m probably not the only one “not eligible”. I guess they could design this any way they want to not give their profit away.


I would like to clear it up-

Payoneer has a Referral scheme in which when you refer someone to use payoneer and your referral did a transaction worth $100, both you and your referral will receive $50 as a reward.

So, Fiverr provides you their referral link : they get $50 and you get $50.

But you had not been eligible for this because you already had a Payoneer account. And Fiverr is not doing any false promotion as well because it mentioned that “after clicking the withdraw option an email will be sent to you” which is only done when you attach a new account and mentioned “*New Payoneer accounts only.” as well.

I hope you get it now. :slight_smile:


I do now.

Fiverr is linking in its emails Payoneer’s promotion, as it is something Fiverr is behind. However, it is not mentioned nowhere in the email that bonus is provided entirely from Payoneer and that it has nothing to do with Fiverr-Payoneer partnership like the email says.
Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:


The date on the email itself (Nov 1) should be sufficient. Extra wording would be nice, but retroactive offers are uncommon, so I disagree that it’s just a loophole. Either way, good luck with it.