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Fiverr 500 Internal Server Error!

hello sellers,

Fiverr is a great place to improve our carerr. This is the place where i got plenty of good clients.

But Fiverr has some problems. Some days ago one of my client inbox me his skype username and ask me mine. i gave him mine.Then after 1 day Fiverr email a warning and Reject my Level!

Now i have No Level !

But Fiverr is doing very rough things like

they Develop their site without informing their user

its decreasing our Productivity !

They Should Email us before Construction !

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You can always get in the back way by coming the forum, clicking on a post, then clicking on someone’s user name. Bam, you are in!

Reply to @webtelly: Thanks for that… I was trying to upload files for a client and was disappointed in the site being down but it’s nice to be able to click on a username and actually get in… sweet!

Reply to @webtelly: Thanks for your Trick !

I am having problems with chrome, but mozzila works Ok.

Reply to @arty182925: report this bug with a image to Fiverr . it will be very helpful to them.They will fix this bug asap