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What is happening to Fiverr? It has become so buyer oriented. They treat you in any way they like, they take the services explains nothing before placing the order just agrees to the deal and when the whole hard work is over they say we and our services are “SHIT” and take their money back after all the hard work and then when we speak for us they threaten us to report us to support people o they can get our services banned!

This is my worst experience ever I feel so bad turning up my life, calling all my friends and starting a company here from Fiverr, I’m so devasted right now because of this experience that I can’t explain how bad I feel.

The buyer has threaten me to get my account deleted. The account which is a source of income for 3 peoples, the account who have served more than 300 customers having each and every customer satisfied, the account which refused to give any outer details to customer even when they forced us to do so we just turned off the deal worth thousands of dollars respecting your TOS. The only way we take payments are from Fiverr we haves social media accounts and we drive in all traffic to Fiverr not our website because we want good reviews a good reputation here, we want it to be our shop where customers come to purchase from us and are 100% satisfied with our services, we are not here to take this threats from buyer we are here for future business we are here to make money not to get threats from annoying peoples who have no respect while talking to a girl, who says “what the ■■■■”, your service are like my “poops” and all that things. I felt so bad today and I don’t know why only we sellers need to tolerate all this and these buyers can do whatever they want, we are giving our time our services for you, we are giving all we have for you and still buyers always gets the rights to threaten us?

If you didn’t got what you were expecting in your “Mind” and could just tell it in words just say it properly and ask for cancellation why you need to say bad words and when we speak for us you threaten us because you are a so-called “Buyer”. Just want to say this is not the only marketplace to make money and we will work hard and set up a new business for us but won’t tolerate threats and be tensed all day and night thinking all our hard work will be deleted by support tomorrow.

If this is happening to you often, you may want to work in the wording in your gig. It happens everyone once in awhile to even the best of sellers that they get a bad buyer who cancels a gig, but if it happens to you alot then that’s a problem you should take a look at how you are advertising your gig.

I just looked at a random one of your facebook gigs, nowhere in the gig desciprtion does it say "Please Contact me before you place your order"

YOu should put that at the top of the ad that you want people to contact you first. Then if they do not contact you, you send a polite note and do a mutual cancellation and then you do not have to worry about a bad buyer.

And the worst part is they won’t let you take the name of the buyer even with proof’s here on Fiverr forum, It’s like the police do with criminals they hide their faces so when someday he might be sitting next to any of us we won’t recognize him and don’t know the threat we might face. Same happens here on Fiverr. The seller gets no rights so their account is deleted but buyer are the “GODS” they can still purchase from you make payments and threat you like they do to other sellers because they are bringing in the money right! You can’t even flag or block them for future transaction, man it’s my services I don’t need a penny from the annoying peoples so just let me ban them from purchasing from me, I don’t want to deal with those annoying peoples with those annoying words. Like we should have this option It’s our right who we want to work for and whom not.

We are not employees of someone that we are bind to talk to the annoying customers again and again. We are self-employed here so it’s our basic right. Will you deal with the people again who threaten you before in real life, we will not so we should get the same rights here so we can just block the annoying buyers who are just there to make our life miserable again and again!

It’s the first time, I have served 350 peoples, all happy customers less people leave a review as my gigs are related to social marketing and they don’t want people to know they “BOUGHT” likes/followers for their business. And I had the whole discussion that what I stated earlier after the order was completed he started making excuses so he don’t have to pay as I can’t re-do things, he abused my services and threaten me to get my account deleted that’s why this ranting is published!

And my gigs where I need people to contact me have a note saying please contact me if you have any doubts and well this person did contact me had everything cleared in the conversation and then made this issue up, Just wanted the work for free! I did what I have did for 100 of customers and obviously all happy and one not you know why not!

And I have took this issue to the support team and they seem to be good people, But still an annoying buyer who wants to purchase gigs from you again and again just to leave bad reviews or cancel the orders to spoil your image, what action can you take against them? there should be a flagging option.

Reply to @sunshy1: But you aid above in your first post how you were upset that did not contact you to explain anything before they ordered. So if the gig does not say that, then don’t complain about that part of it.

And what we are saying is that every once in awhile even the best of the best get scammed out of a gig. Contact customer service, give them a refund so they don’t post a bad review and move on with business. It happens. It’s life. If it starts happening often, then you have a big problem on your hands. If this is the first time ever don’t get too upset about it.

Reply to @sunshy1: If you have the same buyer coming back to order again and again, then as soon as the order comes through you offer a mutual cancellation and then you cancel the gig. And you let Customer Support know there is a buyer.

Also, keep in mind that selling likes and followers for popular social media sites it prohibited on those sites. So be careful too, if you get any complaints from thos social media sites, that can create issues for your own Fiverr account as well.

I know that. I do promotion on my sites and social media accounts to generate likes and followers, which is legit.

Dear sunshy1
how to force buyer to release money after order has been placed.
I have completed several jobs with buyer satisfaction but some how they criticize my works with no proofs, get the ideas of working and show their back without realesing the orderred money. Its really painful


If fiverr is really that bad then why are you still on it?

We all get the odd bad buyer thats just life however if you make things very clear in your gigs and explain to buyers what you are willing to do AND also what you are not willing to do maybe that will help.

I find that most buyers are reasonable if they have made a mistake and you explain things in a polite way.

And if you do get the dreaded nutters then refund them and move on and try to learn from what may have caused the issue in the first place :slight_smile: