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Fiverr a Goldmine (My testimony) NOTHING BUT PURE TRUTH


Hello Fiverr sellers,

This is my testimony; If you are a new seller; If you have a talent/specific skills, it’s time for you to represent them on Fiverr platform and sell. I’m a full-time professional writer on and I have earned a lot now. I can testify that I do earn more than $3000 per month. Thanks to I have worked with from 2011. Amazing site that you should trust. They are friendly. Thanks be to God, I came across it. I’m from a humble family. Through Fiverr, I was able to build my parents a house worth $21000 and now planning to build mine now for about $63000. Apart from that, through Fiverr I have been able to pay my university school fees and many other things I have done… It’s amazing and wonderful working with Fiverr. If you are new and would like to start working on Success is just near you. Just grab it… It’s Gods blessings just coming your way. Rocks!




This is a great testimony…many more blessings and success to you.


Thanks for the testimony, how long did it take you before you start earning more than $3000 monthly? Did you start earning that in your first month?


congrats for the hardwork


Yes of course… Fiverr is A Goldmine


I wish I could built a house for just 60.000$ :see_no_evil:
Unfortunately in London even a small 2 bed apartment will cost 1.000.000£ pounds (which is even more in dollars)


Wow! That’s really awesome.
I pray I get such too.
But how do you do it @malabot


Here in Kenya It’s lot’s of Money. It’s possible to build a 3 bedroom house but land not included.


Just represent the services that you are an expert in and the rest will follow.


No, I did not start earning that in the first month. After 5 months.


Yes, it takes some reasonable amount of time to build something.


Exactly what I was thinking.


It’s is a great testimony. Thanks sharing fiverr forum community


In most places in Africa that money can do a lot more than you can imagine. $1M…buys you a village…lol. Come invest and retire here…


What a great story and thank you for the encouragement! All the best!


Congratulations on your great victory :fireworks: And many thanks for motivating us :clap:


Thanks a lot for sharing your Fiverr experience and what you can earned from here. I think we can make good future with this. It will be a motivation speak for all of the new freelancer like as me.

I want make good future with Fiverr like you and pray for me :slightly_smiling_face: