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Fiverr A to Z: Master Guidelines to Boost Your Earnings w/ Fahim Ul Karim

My online ticket is confirmed :innocent:

**** This event will be hosted in Bengali! ****

Fiverr is one of the leading online marketplaces in 2020. Join “Fiverr Help Bangladesh” to learn the tips to make sure you start off strong on the Fiverr platform as a freelancer!

Fiverr Help Bangladesh is the largest community in Bangladesh that helps and educates freelancers to grow their business on Fiverr since 2013. They are growing a community to teach people how to freelance properly by arranging webinars and educational posts to influence people and create more awareness about Fiverr.

Learn from top professionals in Bangladesh how to start your journey of freelancing with Fiverr. We’ll talk about how to grow your small business and give it a good shape within a few years. We are going to cover very hot and important topics with you can start your freelancing career:

  • Graphics design

  • Web Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Writing

  • Video and Animation

  • Programming and Development

Register for free today and learn from our one of our Bangladesh Community Leaders!

You can Join, Please click this link and register now.

Or follow this step :point_down:

    • Go to your Fiverr Account
    • Select Community menu and choose your Event Option
    • Then find This event and register.
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I wish I could join :smiley: but I don’t know Bengali :smiley:
All the best !


Thank You dear :blush: :gift_heart: :heart_eyes:


You can catch other events :wink:


Thank you very much for this opportunity


I’ll be damned…never knew that existed. I need to explore fiverr a bit more


Event is sold out!!!


I’m a bit confused by this:

Become a leader.

Expand your business by offering various services, all within one Studio Gig. Our team leaders act as the face of Fiverr in their city. They organize events, host discussions, and act as a resource for all Fiverr updates, info, and news.

Is this some copy-paste mistake on the linked page? I didn’t think Community Leader and Studio Gig had anything to do with each other? Or do you need to be a Studio Gig lead to be able to become a community leader? …

And congrats, looks like a nice event, and cool that it’s sold out!


Yes. All ticket already sold :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you hear of gender representation? Also according to official Fiverr data female sellers are making more both in overall revenue and revenue per order. I think women on the panel would have been much better.


It’s only 18/07/2020. How come all tickets are sold out?


Thank you so much for sharing the link. I might not get what I was looking for but there are even better events just lined up.:grinning:


You can catch this event too, they will live stream on Facebook. You can find their FB links on page.


Wow where did you find this?


Great!I follow them since we are from same country of origin. I will be waiting for each of the events to learn something new.
Much appreciated.


According to an article on Businesswire:

Fiverr is releasing platform-specific gender pay gap information based on a significant sample of data, showing that women on its platform are out-earning men in more ways than one. Specific statistics include:

  • Globally, women are making more than men on Fiverr. The average earnings for women are 19% higher than the average earnings for men. They are also earning roughly 3% more on a per-project basis than men.
  • Female freelancers are also receiving more work than men, leading to these higher earnings. In December of 2019, they benefited from 5% more projects from customers than men. And in June of the same year, they received 10% more projects from customers than men.

You can read the full article here:

And congrats, looks like a nice event, and cool that it’s sold out!

It does. I hope that we hear some feedback from those who attended.


Wow that was a great event…i appreciate…

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It was really a great session to all of freelancer

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Right :blush: :gift_heart:

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Thanks to all :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: