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Fiverr...... A waste of time and effort!

Well, after being on Fiverr for a month, I have come to the conclusion that this site is a complete waste of time, run by people who do not give a damn!!.
One commission in four weeks!
Last week I attended a convention and took with me six of my paintings on rolled canvas, sold them all and netted just under £900.
The amount of people I see getting commissions on Fiverr are all hiding behind other artists work. I have repeatedly reported these people to customer support and nothing is ever done about it.
I will now be contacting the genuine artists directly and reporting Fiverr themselves, for allowing this practice of piracy!!


All righty, good luck!

I would do the usual spiel about “not all artists on Fiverr”, but you seem to have made up your mind. I guess Fiverr is only as much as we make it.


Sorry, I did not really understand your reply.

I was wishing you good luck in reporting Fiverr, and noting that everyone gets something different out of Fiverr. Some people are angry and conclude that everything here sucks; some get value out of their experience. You seem to have made up your mind, so I wasn’t going to argue against you that “some artists are good” or “I think Fiverr is great!”


It’s your niche, although Fiverr does its job of bringing in buyers, you have a greater chance of gaining sales if what you are offering is looked for by the potential buyers.

Sorry this hasn’t worked out for you. Fiverr is not the right place for everyone.

It sounds like you don’t need fiverr anyway. Best wishes.


If you do this, let the artists in question know that the only way to have real success with getting work removed from Fiverr, is to file complaints directly with Google so gig page links are no longer indexed. Also, if they are well known, tell them to issue a press release highlighting the theft of their material.

Fiverr does diddly squat about people who complain but they really don’t like negative PR.


Yep! I agree ! Fiverr is great!”

Your artwork is fantastic.

So you are ok with people stealing other artists work to promote themselves?

Thank you very much.

It took me probably 5 months before I got my first order. Now I’m not only getting regular orders but also repeat orders from happy customers.

I think you need to try a few different styles in your gigs. That may get your orders moving.

You just started this month, so you need to give it some time. You are great at what you do and there is no reason you will not be successful on fiverr. Time and patience is the key. Artists like you of your caliber do very well on fiverr but for anyone, it takes a while to become recognized and get clients.


You know, after checking out your profile, I think I might have an idea how you could start getting sales. Maybe create a new gig/service offering titled something like: “I will create a one of a kind artistic headshot.”

At present, your existing gigs aren’t really well targeted at a specific consumer demographic. Focusing on the headshot side of things will change this. Also, searching for ‘headshot’ gives only 2 pages of search results and with your work and how the present search algorithm works, you could easily secure prime placement by charging more than existing vendors in the same niche.

Maybe roll with that idea and if it works, remember to shoot me a 10% commission when you make your first $20K. - There’s no obligation for you to do that but it my amazing brain doesn’t sustain istelf and all donations are welcome.


This is not time pas this is a Real earning site But its Paying And giving money on your gig type

I know you’re frustrated. My first month on Fiverr I made $50, back then I was pleased, it was money I didn’t have. Then it grew to $200, $400, $500, eventually I was making $1,500 to $2,000 a month.

This month I’ll be lucky if I make $681. I’m no longer a TRS, got demoted twice, and Fiverr has made a lot of changes. However, I won’t call it a waste of time and effort.

If people aren’t buying what you’re selling, sell something else. Lower your prices to $5 until you get 5 or 10 reviews.

Just because you sold 9 paintings at a convention doesn’t mean that’s the only way to make money.

#1 You got lucky
#2 There are many starving artists who fail to sell their paintings
#3 Selling outside of Fiverr means driving somewhere and wasting a lot of time until people finally buy your stuff.

Really? So if someone has 1,000 reviews, he’s been cheating all this time? Just grabbing whatever on Google Images? I don’t think so.

Cheating is not the way one succeeds on Fiverr. Success on Fiverr comes from ORIGINAL WORK, competitive prices, customer service, reasonable delivery timelines, and a willingness to adapt. It also comes from selling what the market wants. If they don’t want water color paintings, maybe you should sell something else.

I’ve been on Fiverr for 5 years, and I’m not given up on it. You’ve been here for a month and you’re quitting already? That makes no sense. It’s not like Fiverr is costing you money.


Technically and being nit picking, it’s not been a month yet since you started this month and it’s only February 24.

I agree that you need to sell your work for only $5 for a short while to get a few good reviews. I did that for years to build up a good reputation and reviews, so it’s not often a fast success but you are talented and a year from now you could be earning a steady good income here.


Now imagine if you could reproduce that conversion rate on a global scale.
That is the opportunity that Fiverr gives you. Stop looking at the sellers with hundreds of $5 orders - they are not selling to your target market. Those buyers would never pay £150 for some artwork in the same way as those at the convention would never look at $5 paintings. It’s like selling Mercedes vs a bike with a flat tyre. Completely unrelated other than they both have wheels.

If your work is worth what you say it is then you will find buyers but you need to put in the work and not just expect it handed to you. When you went to the convention, it cost time and money and the same is true here - Fiverr is a global convention, not a conveyor belt of buyers waiting for you to show up. I regularly get sales of $100-500; I am one of the most expensive SEO sellers on the site and yet I have had to pause my gigs as I can’t keep up with sales.

However, I didnt just show up expecting people to flock to me. It took time, money and effort of a real kind - all I can see that you have done is show up and make the “effort” of creating a couple of gigs which look pretty much the same as each other and not much different to what is offered by others (I mean descriptions etc, the quality of product is clearly better).

The high quality sellers on this site either take the time to learn how to do things themselves or they pay premiums for other high quality sellers to do stuff for them and that makes a difference.
For example, when Pro gigs were first offered, I went through the gig descriptions and found 2 that justified their high pricing - both were written by the same professional writer; one for herself and one she was hired to do by another seller. All the others just said the same stuff as everyone else but had a higher price-tag. Most Pro gigs struggled in the beginning until they learned to justify what they offered and then differentiate themselves from the lower priced gigs.
You need to do the same.