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Fiverr Academy?

I have just noticed today that Fiverr added a new subcategory called “Academy” under the community tab. I surfed on the section for a while and it’s quite cool! All fellow sellers should check it out. It gives advice on how to improve your Fiverr experience and increase orders. They even section the posts by seller level recommendation. Here is the link if you can’t find it

Happy Selling! :slight_smile:


I got it too…

It would be great to see subjects relevant to buyers, not just sellers, too. Those “tips and tricks” are great, especially for newbies, but it would also be awesome to have a resource that explains to buyers how orders work, how to communicate with sellers, how to make sure they’ve actually placed an order, the impact of ratings, etc. etc.

Most serious sellers probably (I’m just assuming from my own experience) get to know the guts of the website just by spending a lot of time trying to make money here. Users who are only buyers usually have a less in-depth experience, since they don’t have to spend time setting up gigs or dealing with payments or tracking their orders.

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It’s interesting, both buyers and sellers need advice about Fiverr. I’m also happier than the revenues section of Fiverr is working faster.

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Reply to @emasonwrites: A GIANT topic for buyers should be - what happens If I need/get a refund? Reading it in advance might drive away 1% of buyers while the rest would buy cautiously at first. Either way, it would sure cut down on useless threads! :slight_smile:

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Reply to @fonthaunt: DEFINITELY.

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I saw it too. It’s really helpful for new sellers like me.

Just saw it. Helped a lot.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I couldn’t agree with your post more.

As usual, Fiverr is encouraging the sellers to hustle their butts off to get orders, but not giving any attention to how to use the site effectively and efficiently to AVOID all of the recurring issues for buyers & sellers.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: Yep.

i did not got any order