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Fiverr accept crypto?

hi there i got a client who wants to pay in crypto for a gig. im not very familiarized with ether and bitcoin and herd people use it just in the dark market to get illegal stuff and its not well established yet .so i have to refuse these type of clients and told him to conatct fiverr support and im ready to design for him as soon as he provide ‘‘traditional payment ways’’ i hope fiverr will integrate new payment methods and the one with bitcoin soon so with don’t mess out those opportunitys

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No fiverr only deals in actual money. The proponents of crypto think that the major economies are just going to let their money be replaced. As soon as crypto becomes more than a fly on the dinosaur of the global economy it will be illegal. Why would the world economy allow itself to be replaced by a geek toy? The only crypto that will be successful will be orchestrated by the all major economies in concert as the Euro was rolled out in Europe.


They accept Bitcoin in the past, but not for long.

When it comes to crypto I personally see it the same way I saw it when I was trading on the stock market: as soon as your plumber is going into it, it’s time to get out.

I’m not going into page long discussions here. Therefore: mic drop :joy: (means: I don’t reply)

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