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Fiverr accound disable

Hi, don’t know why fiverr disabled my account. 3rd warning and account disabled they said i asked for feedback change. I didn’t ask for feedback change maybe they did a mistake. I have few important jobs running and I have lots of funds to be available. please help me. how can I access my account? how can I contact fiverr support? I want to withdraw my money.

only Fiverr CS will be able to help you. if you are loyal then definitely you will get back your profile. otherwise Fiverr CS will mail you with actual reason why you are disabled. good luck

You can contact them through this link.
They will let you know what you did wrong.

I can’t login. without login how can I message them? do you know how can I get my funds?

i have completed over 1k + job successfully, 550+ positive feedback in wordpress category. only 3 warning destroy everything?

It can, yes, especially since three warnings means that Fiverr warned you twice before, and you failed to heed their warnings both times.

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sorry to hear the bad news.

how can I get my funds?

You have been encouraged to contact Customer Support. Please do so, although, keep in mind that if an account has been disabled, and Fiverr chooses not to reactivate it, Fiverr will tell you – as they tell everyone else – that you will have to wait 90 days to withdraw any funds in a disabled account.

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