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Fiverr account 90% positive rating problem

Hello My Dear All Friends

How are you. I have a problem on my Fiverr account. I can’t send any new buyer request. my fiverr account 90% positive rating problem. please help me how to solve this problem.


If the comments included in your one star review are true, then you didn’t do the required job. Because of this, your feedback profile has taken a hit.

The only thing you can do is deliver more orders that receive five star feedback in order to improve your average rating. That’s it. That’s all you can do.


thanks dear. please can you tell me how many five star feedback need To fix this problem. I receive almost 6 order and cancel 2 order.
please let me know

If it’s just based on getting an avg of at least 4.5 stars (90% of 5) then an additional 6 5-star reviews would get to 4.5.

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Sometimes sellers do have to cancel orders.

However, just in case you are not aware, cancelled orders also affect your profile in a negative way.

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in this time my account 3.8 star. can you tell me how many order i need to grow this 3.8 to 4.5 or more. please let me know

See my previous message. If you have 6 more orders and all 6 are 5 star rated then you’ll get to 4.5 stars average for your all time rating.

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First of all any order cancellation is not good for your account, try to write in you description to message you before place an order.

Okay, and next thing is you need 6-8 5 star positive review to solve this problem. Hope you understand.

Have a Good Day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok, thanks for help me

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