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Fiverr Account access problem

What is that? Why fiverr always show this access when i reload tab?
Is there any problem on my fiverr account?:frowning:


Are you refreshing the Fiverr page often? Are you using auto-refresh plugins to appear online at all times?

Because such things can cause Fiverr to think you’re a bot :wink:


Yeah, i always use but I don’t have any problem before.

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Well, there’s a first time for everything.

This means Fiverr doesn’t want you to do that, which is why they created this restriction - if you’re online, you’re online; using plugins to make it look like you’re online doesn’t seem to be what they want.

Try to avoid those plugins if you don’t want that page to show up every time :wink:


well , i try to log in another(Mozilla) browser but same problem.

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Because Fiverr thought you were a bot, so it will take a day or more until Fiverr will think you’re not a bot anymore, time in which you’ll have to play nicely, without using such plugins, and be you, be yourself, and don’t try to trick the site into thinking you’re online when you’re not using the site or when you’re not online.

Everything that is automated and/or circumvents the system’s functionality and restrictions will make Fiverr think it’s suspicious bot-like activity.


install a new mozilla browser

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If you use real IP internet connection I think this problem will be gone. Try it. @asufian97


Yep, I had this happen when I put an adblocker app on my browser. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting - I, myself, use an adblocker and haven’t had this issue, yet.

I use the adblocker to hide unnecessary & unneeded parts of the Fiverr interface (e.g. order completion rate, for it simply bugs me to see it go down due to mistakes or troublemaking buyers; some navbars/menus; etc.)

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Hmmm, It was an app in Chrome.

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wow, expert indeed lol

I don’t have broadband/wifi

If you want to success in freelancing on fiverr the biggest marketplace then you need a better high speed real IP internet connection & qualify. Thank you @asufian97

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I’m totally agree with @Woofy31

@asufian97 Please don’t try to use those plugins. :slight_smile:

Now i don’t use any plugin (tab reloader/add blocker) but still having the problem.:roll_eyes:

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Delete cookies of your browser and try again :slight_smile:

@smartdezigner4u Is it true?

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Not mandatory but if you will have it will be helpful to you to deliver your projects fast
some projects files have huge size just like In graphics designing
I have remember that i deliver the 1.5 gb .zip file of project to my client and it’s time consuming but if you will get fast internet connection it will be helpful to you and also time saving for you :slight_smile: