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Fiverr Account access problem

Following are the main rules to get success on fiverr and other freelancing websites :slight_smile:

  1. Read Terms And Conditions of the Website
  2. Try to Understand how the platform is works and what things you should in the recommendations.
  3. Believe in yourself never give up
  4. Communication is the key Try to communicate friendly And professionally It’s depend on buyer to buyer :slight_smile: Some Buyers Have Friendly Mood And Some Buyers try to communicate in professional way.
  5. Try to Share portfolio of your work It will helpful to for to grab the projects More than %50 ( But It’s depends on portfolio )
  6. Do not worry about money try to work for client satisfaction, When You start work to get satisfaction of every client neither its local or international You will see how they recommend you to every one who needs some work regarding the services you are providing :slight_smile:
  7. Be Passionate to deliver your order on time

Yes, a few days ago I am facing the same problem. Now I used real IP internet connection and the problem was gone. @smartdezigner4u

It’s not compulsory to change internet connection
You can contact with CS team About that bug!