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Fiverr account access

During the maintenance work of Fiber on 29.08.2020, after I refreshed the tab, an automatic buyer request was sent from my profile, which I did not send. Then a mail came saying that my account has been disabled. What can i do now.


Are you saying his happened on August 29, 2020? :thinking:

Are you from the future?

Do you mean you as a seller advertised your gig in Buyer Requests by accident. :flushed:

What did the email say? If you post a screenshot of it, we may be able to help you.



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Not true, it says that if you repeat it, your account might be restricted.

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I see.

I guess you can try contacting Customer Support and telling them that you didn’t post any buyer requests, and that it must have been a glitch.

What did this buyer request that you didn’t send say?

It is happened when maintenance work is going on then i refreshed tab

So, are you saying while you are looking at buyer requests, some random offer or buyer request is being sent that you had no part in writing? :thinking:

That is odd! :grimacing:


Well, this was funny to read at least.

Did you try to create another such request after you received this email?

There’s nothing you can do now. :woman_shrugging:t4: You can ask CS permission to open a new account. Next time follow the TOS.

Huh?! :woozy_face:Um, Fiverr would not disable accounts without solid proof.

Do you get a notice when you submit a buyer’s request?