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Fiverr Account Activation!


Hi Everyone,
I’ve been using fiver now for like 1 months and I did activated my account when I first created my gig.
Today, the trying to check my account on my phone, I got a notification asking me the activate my account and an email for activation.
Is there something wrong with the platform? Is this something I should be worried about?


I’m not sure. Did it have a way to respond? Are you able to check your account on a computer to see if it is active? I don’t think you have to go to an email to activate your account so be careful!


I double checked the email, and it’s legit!
And I got a notification from Fiverr’s app, they loved me out till I reactivated the account!


What did the email to activate it ask you to do?


You’ve successfully created a Fiver account… It’s the same email you get when you create the account!