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Fiverr account auto sign-out after every message sent! 💬


I have sent two messages to a client, one of them sent and the other not. Restarted. Required sign-in. Done with the sign-in. Sent 5 messages and only one sent. Restarted. Required sign in. Again and again…

Anyone has or had a similar problem?


Hey, there Insects!

Scratches my head. :thinking:

Hrm, I haven’t had any issues with being auto-signed out. In fact, it sounds creepy.


Hi,I think never sign out since.i joined the fiverr from last march 2017.


Make Sure Your browsers does not have installed any Extension That Deal with cookies (don’t mean :cookie: )


If you Found The cause or Solution of that cause please Share with Here with community so , one with same question can be answered in future.


Nope , never seen anything like it, please check your ip, it might be changing rapidly, or your browser is not saving cookies


Psst, @insects44 are you still having trouble? Or :robot: fixed the issue for you? :smile:


Check your browser settings if by mistake cookie is disabled. If it’s ok on Browser settings try by clearing cookie & cache.


No more trouble. :slightly_smiling_face:


It may be because I downloaded a VPN, and I wasn’t sure if it was turned on or not.