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Fiverr account balance withdrawal for 'buyers'

Hi there,

I paid $120.00 for a service which was cancelled. Instead of using my refunded balance I accidentally paid for another $120.00 gig. I now have $120.00 sitting in my Fiverr account. Is there any way I can withdraw the funds back into my bank account?

I have read the Terms and Fiverr say I cannot withdraw funds from cancelled orders, however firstly this was a genuine Mistake. I certainly do not want $120.00 worth of credit that I am not going to use. I want my $120.00 back as cash to my bank account. Another note to mention is that the Fiverr terms are not made clear at all. In todays fast paced world nobody I know reads terms and if Fiverr continue this process they will lose customers extremely fast. I am a regular customer and today I experience this. Not happy at all.

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Reply to @madmoo: I would suggest Fiverr get their acts together and become a more transparent company who look after the people that earn the company it’s revenues. The terms are NOT clear at all and I cannot even remember seeing them. Take iTunes for example, nobody ever reads those terms, but we sure as hell know we’re not getting ourselves into a disguised scam. I’m sure everybody would prefer to have their hard earned money as cash in their bank as appose to fiver credit! If Fiverr was concerned about transaction fees then why not just deduct a transaction fee from the balance upon withdrawal? It’s quite apparent that fiver is only ‘concerned’ with stealing your money or at least locking you in. I am now potentially $120 out of pocket through a company I was only praising to others 24 hrs ago.

Reply to @bfoleyscreenik: Fiverr should give it back to you. If not then do a PayPal complaint.

From Fiverr TOS (Buyers section):

If you have funds in your account balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.

Only sellers are allowed to withdraw earned money, while buyers are supposed to use money on their account (it can be there only because of one or more cancelled orders) to order some other gig.

Reply to @russflex: If you do a PayPal complaint, keep in mind that it will get you your money back, but it might also get your Fiverr account banned.

You know what would of saved you all this trouble. Reading the TOS First. And Not rushing when you were ordering.

It’s not just about TOS, it’s also about User Experience. There is a way to bake some of the more important bullet points of the TOS into basic user interactions so that they don’t have to wonder why A,B or C happened. There’s a book called “Don’t Make Me Think” by Krug and one section mentions this very type of interaction. Legally they may cover their a*s by listing TOS, but it’s not good UX to drive all questions through a bunch of legal bullet points. They could’ve explained this issue with a tooltip popup, for example. The fact that this thread exists with so many replies points to a pain-point in the UX.

Reply to @madmoo: Yes, I’m referring to sellers such as yourself. You’re clearly a successful seller on Fiverr, so I understand why you will support Fiverr.

Reply to @salcovarrubias: Exactly. From a business perspective, It’s poor form from Fiverr. I also understand why ‘sellers’ on Fiverr will have their supporting arguments at the ready.

Reply to @madmoo: Indeed, iTunes is very long winded & that is exactly my point. Even though they are long winded, I and virtually everybody else still trusts Apple without having to read the terms, because we know that we are not going to lose our money. I for one am far too busy to read small print terms & I’m confident the majority of ‘buyers’ do not read them either.

Reply to @salcovarrubias: If they had a popup, nobody would buy from Fiverr. It’s hidden for a reason. I don’t know anybody that would spend money if a there was a pop up that read “There is a good chance you will never get your money back if somebody does not complete a gig”.

Reply to @madmoo: That’s great to hear and that’s why I initially loved Fiverr. I have no interest in making money with Fiverr, but I think their ability to make a difference is brilliant. What has let me down is that I have now potentially lost $120.00. As a seasoned Seller who obviously takes their source or one of their sources of income seriously, you are bound to read the detail. As a seasoned seller you will also know it can take you 24 gigs to make that $120.00.

Reply to @madmoo: I’m conditioned to not reading terms. I’m certainly not conditioned to not reading what I am buying. My point is that terms are very seldom read & it would be better practice for Fiverr to be more user friendly.

Reply to @madmoo: I have yes. I contacted them before I came to the forum. They haven’t got back to me, however the auto-responder says it can occasionally take 24 + hrs

Reply to @bfoleyscreenik: When it involves MY money, you can be sure I would read the terms of use of a website. Especially one as easy & quick to read as Fiverr’s.

You may want to be sure there are ‘buyer’s remorse’ laws protecting you from your “conditioning” to not reading that annoying small print before signing any contracts.