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Fiverr account banned. Please help me


I just got an email from Fiverr that my account has been permanently banned due to copyright images. It was my mistake and I commit my mistake. Now I am thinking to create a new Fiverr account. Is it possible? Can I use my previous profile image? This is a hard time for me. Should I have to make another Payoneer account for the new Fiverr account? Will I be able to use my new Fiverr account on my current computer. Please help me.

Thank you in advance for your reply.


When you get banned you shouldn’t make a new account.

Should I left the Fiverr plateform?

Sorry to say this, but yes

hahah Keep your suggestion. why you are here?

don’t know brother. Please communicate with fiverr management team.

What do you mean, I did not get jealous from you, it’s literally the rules on almost all platforms that when you get banned you shouldn’t make a new account, including Fiverr.

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You need to ask CS permission before creating a new account. They may or may not agree.

But since you already made a new account - otherwise you wouldn’t be able to post here - you’ve broken the rules again and are likely to get this account banned permanently, too.

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Yes, thank you Coerdelion for addressing this as Umair thought i was just joking about it and was jealous.